10 Slot Games Frequently Asked Questions

10 Slot Games Frequently Asked Questions

There are a variety of frequently asked questions that many players ask when they are just starting out.

Why ask Questions?

While many players may have several queries in regards to slot games, most of the questions go unasked. This is because many players are afraid of looking stupid infront of fellow players by asking a seemingly obvious question. Players should never be afraid to ask questions, if you don’t ask questions how else are you going to learn. The online slot community is very helpful, there is no question too obvious – join and spin. Players should not be afraid to ask questions because online slots deal with their personal money, any games which involve somebody’s personal finance should be properly researched first.

Top Ten Frequently Asked Slot Questions

Although players usually have a huge amount of queries regarding slot games, there are a few questions which are always commonly asked. The following are some of the most frequently asked queries that players have.

1.   Are Slot Sites Safe?

Most major slots sites are incredibly safe, as they have to abide by strict regulations from the Gambling Commision which ensure consumer safety. If you are unsure whether a slot site is safe, look for the Gambling Commision logo on the main page of the site.

2.   How do I decide on an Online Casino

There are many factors which should influence your decision such as range of games, what bonuses are on offer and how reputable the site is. Ultimately the decision is completely up to you.

3.   How do I decide on a Slot Game?

Many players look at the features that slot has, whether there are any bonus rounds, what the win potential of the slot is, what the RTP and volatility of the slot is. However, sometimes all players want is an enjoyable and immersive theme.

4.   What Bonuses should I Trigger?

The bonuses that you trigger is your decision, it should be influenced by how you play. For example, if you have a tight budget you should be looking to trigger lots of free spins bonuses.

5.   How much Should I Wager?

This will depend on what sort of bankroll you have, wagering more is more appropriate for high rollers while players with a tighter budget should wager a lower amount.

6.   Can I play using my Mobile Device?

Yes! Slot games are now compatible on devices such as smartphones and tablets. Mobile devices even have their own payment method called pay by mobile which charges transactions to your phone bill instead of your bank account.

7.   Can I use more than one Online Casino?

Of course, you can sign up to however many online casinos you want to!

8.   What is the RTP and Volatility?

RTP and volatility are commonly used terms in regards to online slots.

  • RTP stands for return to player and is essentially a percentage that indicates how much of a return players can expect to receive.
  • Volatility is about how much risk is involved in the game. The higher the volatility, the more risk there is.

9.   Can I cheat a slot game?

Cheating an online slot game is practically impossible, all the classic methods of cheating have been rendered moot thanks to modern technology.

10.               How do I avoid Addiction?

Players can limit the time they spend playing online slots, set a tight budget to stop overspending and try to spot the warning signs early.


The above questions are ten of the most frequently asked queries.

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