10 Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying A Puppy

10 Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying A Puppy

As lockdown is extending and back to normality is still a distant dream, It’s time to invite a furry friend home. Puppy adoptions are lovely but, at the same time, a huge responsibility. Every dog owner should know and understand the challenges they are going to face before getting a dog. There are essentials like anti-tick powder and nexgard spectra for dogs to be in hand when the new member arrives. Here are the things to make sure of before the little puppy arrives.


Thirteen years is the average lifespan of this furry friend. This is a long dedicated commitment. This means getting a puppy will be wise so that the owner can spend this long average lifespan with it. The owner can live with the pet in every stage of its life, puppy stage, energetic teens and the golden years after. 

Know The reed

Have thorough research on different breeds of dogs. The lifestyle and surroundings of the owner and the breed should suit each other. The size of the living arrangements, the place (city or countryside) and the family structure are factors to be noted. Buy the first dog only after analysing these things. 

Pet Products

The furry brat needs some essential requirements for stress-free and comfortable living. These include chewable tablets like nexgard spectra for dogs to control heartworm and fleas, dog harness, dog leash, eye wipes and paw butter. Pets are always a big responsibility. Since it is a forever companion, get ready with these essentials before getting one. 

Sacrifice Time

Get the puppy only if the owner is ready to spend time with it. A new puppy is similar to a small child who needs attention and cares all the time. The owner needs more time and energy as it is a huge responsibility. Do not  leave the house without making enough plans on feeding, taking it for a walk and watching over it in the owner’s absence. 


The Health and happiness of the pet are directly related to the peace of mind of the family. As human beings, there will be both healthy days and medical emergencies for the furry friend. Keep track of every vaccination necessary to keep the pet in good healthcare. Seek help in health insurance to cover the unexpected bill. Ensure the furry friend remains healthiest. 


Plan a budget exclusively for the dog’s expenditure. The cost does not end with its purchase. The cost will be related to the size, breed and other requirements of the dog. A budget helps to save the excess and live a healthy life with the puppy. 


The puppy requires a lot of training in the beginning stage. There will be some toilet incidents or teething problems. To put a halt to these bad manners, find a dog trainer. There are puppy schools that help to prevent these habits. In-home training will also help. 


Holidays after getting this four-legged friend will be entirely different from the old ones. Choose dog-friendly areas and let the pup chill. 

Daily exercise

Dogs need daily exercise as they have lots of energy. Taking the puppy for a walk once a day is a must. The duration of exercise required varies from breed to breed. Keep in mind the exercise requirements before choosing a breed. 

Keep away the toxic substances from dogs, and remember to cover the expensive furniture to make it safe from their paws.

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