3 Small Pets That Can Improve Your Daily Mood

3 Small Pets That Can Improve Your Daily Mood

In the United States, pet ownership is common, with over 70% of households having at least one pet.

Pets are cherished by their owners for a lot of reasons, and in return, they make us happier and healthier. It doesn’t matter the size of the pet, it can be a large pet or a small pet, pet owners live longer and happier lives than those without. Due to a lack of space in many homes, small pets may even be better.

Here are three small pets that can make a big difference in your quality of life:

  1. Parakeet

A parakeet is a small, tropical bird that comes in a wide variety of colors. These small pet birds are actually parrots. They have vibrant feathers and long tails and don’t require much space to thrive.

A small cage is all you will need to keep and house a parakeet. Due to their size, they don’t require a lot of food and drink little water. If you keep them in pairs they can be fun to watch and in addition to being beautiful will fill your home with whistles and chirps.

Like a lot of small exotic pets, parakeets don’t do well in cold weather. Make sure to keep them warm and safe from other pets, like cats who won’t hesitate to turn them into a snack.

  1. Rodents

Rodents make up a significant portion of the types of pets that are small pets. From the ever-popular hamster to the large and friendly guinea pig, rodents are everywhere. Guinea pigs in particular are considered among the best small pets for cuddling.

There’s a good chance if you look for small pets for sale, you’ll find a rodent of some kind. Even rats and mice are good pets, and a lot of people grow attached to their tiny companions.

All rodents do have special requirements and behaviors, so make sure you research them. You’ll need to know about various dietary requirements and behaviors like hibernation in hamsters to care for them.

  1. Turtles

If you want a small pet that is fun and has a neat habitat to watch, turtles may be for you. Small pet turtles are easy to take care of as long as you keep them comfortable. They don’t smell and aren’t expensive.

Depending on the breed of turtle you get, they thrive in semi-aquatic environments. Instead of a cage, you can house them in terrariums and they can eat a variety of vegetable matter. Unlike a lot of other small pets, turtles can live for a long time, so be prepared for a lifelong companion.

Small Pets Make Great Companions

Small pets are as rewarding as large pets, and they are cheaper and easier to take care of. As long as you do research about the environment that they prefer, you can keep them anywhere from a house to a small apartment. This means almost everyone has room for a small pet in their life.

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