4 Insane(But True) First Time Home Buyer Mistakes

4 Insane(But True) First Time Home Buyer Mistakes

Purchasing a home is a roller coaster ride. It is typical for you to get caught up in a tornado of emotions. We all want our own place, and buying a property combines various feelings such as joy, excitement, happiness, and optimism.

This is common as first-time home purchasers since you are filled with emotions and excitement to finally have your own property. 

Imagine you having a place of your own- isn’t it a breath of fresh air? 

To finally have space where you can do what you like. If you want pink walls, you paint them pink; you want a darker hardwood floor to get it! However, things can go downhill when you have so many emotional thresholds. 

Now is the time to pause, take a deep breath, and monitor your feelings, since emotions may cause you to make decisions that have far-reaching consequences.

This article will guide you in many methods to find a home for yourself that you love. We will assist you in avoiding the roadblocks that most first-time home purchasers encounter.

So let us see what you need to know if this is your first home buying rodeo. 

Looking Before Mortgage Approval 

Don’t go looking for places before you get approval from your bank.

While you might think you can afford the three-bedroom house, your bank may very well think otherwise. It can be due to a low credit score, or it can be due to unstable income. 

Furthermore, shopping for a home without mortgage approval would waste time for everyone, including real estate brokers, sellers, and yourself.

Buying With Debt In Your Shoulder

Buying a house is a huge investment, and if you already have debts on your shoulder, it can be devastating.

It can be like tying weights to a swimmer’s legs- bound to end badly! 

So our advice would be to “hit pause.” 

You should first pay off whatever obligations you have, which might be a loan for your automobile, electronics, or household appliances. To be safe, pay off your debts and put money aside for an emergency fund for three to six months.

After that, you may begin saving for a down payment on a property. It is never advised to put down less than 10% of the loan amount.

We would even propose making a 20% down payment to guarantee that the interest is lower and the charges are not too difficult to manage.

Not Taking Expert Opinion

As first-time home buyers, you want expert opinion and help on different matters. 

If you are serious about buying a place, don’t go to an open house without your agent. You don’t want to be stuck with a seller’s agent! Because trust us, you wouldn’t have the upper hand for negotiation! 

You also want to hire a home inspector who can tell you if the house’s structural components are good to go. You don’t want to purchase a house with major flaws that would need constant repairs. 

There are many companies provisioning home inspection in Polk County FL. When you get their services and get experts opinions and advice, you are less likely to face any roadblocks along the way. 


In essence, whenever it comes to purchasing a dream apartment, remain practical, keep your eyes open, avoid acting with emotion, and eventually make a home-purchase decision that is healthy for you. 

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