5 Best under Developing Cities You Should Invest In

5 Best under Developing Cities You Should Invest In

Real estate, as we all know, is all about location.  However, for real estate investors, the most crucial question is: which city is ideal for investing? The simple answer to that there is no ultimate best city for real estate investment. If that were the case, every investor would flock to the same location, reducing the potential returns on investment. As a result, in this article, we’ll look at the 5 best-underdeveloped cities to invest in to assist you to answer that issue.


Islamabad is the world’s second most beautiful capital. Because Islamabad is Pakistan’s capital, there are numerous chances to take advantage of. For those who live in the city, it will be really advantageous. It is possible to have high-end facilities in Islamabad. There are numerous well-known developments and projects coming up in the real estate market like:

  • Capital Smart City
  • Taj Residencia
  • Blue World City
  • Bahria Town
  • Park View City
  • Nova City

These projects have shown a great amount of progress and have managed to grasp the attention of a lot of potential investors ultimately making the city ideal to invest in.


Lahore is recognised as Pakistan’s beating heart, both for its people and as a bustling metropolis. The allure and appeal of Lahore’s real estate sector will never fade away. DHA Defence Housing Authority, Bahria Town Lahore, and Lahore Raiwind Road Lahore are all part of it. Defence Housing Authority and Bahria Town’s community system is transforming Pakistan’s living standards.

They offer a luxurious lifestyle as well as all of the necessary amenities in one location. They’re also becoming bigger with each passing day. In the year 2021, the Defence Housing Society Phases 6, 7, 8, and 9 are the greatest investment opportunities. Similarly, Bahria Town is a game-changer in Pakistan’s real estate business.

They supply everything, from uninterrupted provision of free electricity to comfortable living conditions. Furthermore, they provide excellent educational and medical services to their people. Raiwind Road is also a good place to put your money in real estate. It is a relatively quiet place, away from the city’s hustle and bustle.


Karachi is the centre of commercial and economic activity in Pakistan. It’s the world’s 12th most populous city. It also has a large number of projects, whether commercial, residential, or corporate. Also has a lot of high-rise structures.

The city’s cultural and ethnic variety can also be seen. Scheme 33, DHA Defence Housing Authority, and Gulistan e Johar are all located in this commercial centre. These projects are moving at a breakneck speed. There are numerous appealing features for residents.

In Karachi, there are numerous projects that provide a return on investment (ROI). DHA is regarded as one of Karachi’s safest residential zones. Gulistan e Johar is also one of the city’s major investment locations, as it is rapidly rising near Jinnah International Airport. It allows you to live a decent and eminent lifestyle on a budget.


Gwadar, which will become Pakistan’s investment hub in the future due to its ports, offers a diverse range of real estate investment options. For the past 4-5 years, many residential societies have been established in this city following the announcement of CPEC. People that see the possibility of investing here might also contribute to boost the rewards.

Gwadar’s master plan has also been completed and authorised. There are various properties for sale in these housing projects, most of which are available in instalments. In the long run, the city has a lot of investment potential. Apart from that, one of the world’s most stunning beaches may be located here.

Investors looking for quick profits should avoid investing in this city because it is still underdeveloped. Only long-term investors should consider investing in Gwadar.


Multan, the city of saints, is seeing a rapid rise in real estate investment as well. It is also seeing an influx of residential sector communities. The greatest sites to invest in Multan for both residential and commercial investments are DHA, Buch Villas, Wapda Town, Model Town, Citi Housing, and others. Because of the high profits, people are increasingly investing here.


Before you decide to invest, keep in mind that the best approach is to consider the area as a whole. Are there cultural or sporting attractions, walkability, or a large number of urban parks that might make a city more appealing?

What infrastructure investments are being made in the area, and what plans does the city or community have in place? Now that you know which city is ideal for real estate investment, it’s time to get started! Contact Sigma Properties for expert guidance on any real estate investing questions you may have.

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