5 Questions to Ask Your Dentist: How to Improve Your Dental Health

5 Questions to Ask Your Dentist: How to Improve Your Dental Health

Your dentist has a lot of secrets. Nearly 140,000 Americans work as dentists. They offer a wide range of dental services, including educational ones.

Whenever you have a question about your dental health, you should ask it. Yet many people don’t know what they should talk about.

What should you know about tooth brushing? How can your dentist help you when it comes to your diet? What is a disease that many dentists encounter?

Answer these questions and you can develop your own questions for your dentist. Here are five questions you can ask.

  1. Tooth Brushing

Many people think they know how to brush their teeth. But they do not look inside their mouth as they do so. This means that they miss a few teeth, allowing bacteria to spread.

Other people brush too aggressively. This can lead to recessed and bruised gums.

It is always a good idea to ask your dentist, “What can I do to improve my brushing practices?” Demonstrate to them how you brush your teeth and ask for some suggestions.

  1. Dietary Choices

There are some foods that can improve your dental health. Leafy greens and crunchy vegetables can scrub the bacteria off of your teeth. Chewing on these foods can strengthen your jaw muscles and activate your salivary glands.

But there are just as many foods that can harm your health. Sugary and processed foods can provide fuel for bacteria to multiply. Ask your dentist, “What are some good foods for my teeth and gums?”

  1. Teaching Kids About Dental Hygiene

Parents should act as models for their children. A child who sees their parent brush their teeth will feel the encouragement to brush their teeth.

Ask your dentist, “How can I teach my kids about good dental hygiene?” If you have very young children, ask them if there are any good children’s books you can read to them.

You should also ask about how you can explain a dental treatment to them. Some children are afraid of dental equipment, and giving them an explanation will calm them down.

  1. Dental Tools

Your dental services involve you. You need a good toothbrush, floss, and other tools to keep your mouth healthy.

Get specific with your questions. Ask your dentist, “What particular toothbrush should I get?” Ask them if you need a retainer, dentures, or other things.

  1. The Symptoms of Gum Disease

47.2% of American adults who are 30 years of age or older have gum disease. It can cause you to lose teeth, and it can induce pain and digestive problems.

Your local dentist is your best resource for information on gum disease. Ask them, “What are the signs of gum disease?” If you have more questions, contact an organization like The Dental Team that can give you literature on it.

What to Say to Your Dentist

You should go to your dentist with plenty of questions. Tooth brushing is an essential skill. Ask them if there is anything you can do to improve your skill.

You should also ask about dietary choices. See if they make suggestions about hard foods.

If you have children, get advice from your dentist on how to teach them good practices. Ask a few questions about the products you need for your health. You should also be mindful of gum disease.

You are a member of your own dental team. Become an informed amateur dentist by following our coverage.

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