5 Reasons Why Shade Sails Are Essential and How to Choose the Right One

5 Reasons Why Shade Sails Are Essential and How to Choose the Right One

According to an article by Cancer Research UK, most skin cancers are caused by too much exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays which people get from direct sunlight. One way to safely enjoy the outdoors on a scorching day is to stay under a shade. While there are several ways to get yourself under a shade, a shade sail is probably the perfect solution to such an issue. Below are some of the reasons why Shade Sails are essential. 

  • It offers you great protection from glaring sunlight. 

Protection from sunlight is perhaps the main reason you should invest in a shade sail. Since many skin conditions such as skin cancer come from unhealthy exposure to the sun, you should consider having a shade sail installed.

  • It also offers you protection from the rain.

A regular shade sail is not typically waterproof, but you can opt for one that is. A waterproof shade sail is made out of special fabric to ensure protection from sudden rainfall in case that happens.

  • It offers uncomplicated installation and removal.

A shade sail is typically lightweight and adjustable, making the process of installing or removing it easy. A shade sail could be easily and securely attached to specific poles or an existing structure.


  1. They are aesthetically pleasing.

Besides offering great ventilation and protection from inevitable weather conditions, a shade sail could give your place a nice revamp. Because these types of shades come in different colours, shapes, and sizes, you could choose what type of shade sail is for you.


  1. They are affordable.

Compared to a more concrete shade, opting for a shade sail is a more affordable option. Because of its versatility, the pricing on this type of shade depends on the quality of the materials used. 

However, keep in mind that cheaper ones might not be as durable as the more expensive ones. It is wise to know what specific purpose you expect your shade sail to provide. 

Because there are different kinds of outdoor Shade Sails, it is best to be familiarised with the variety of its characteristics to better suit your need for a shade sail. Below are some of the many selections a shade sail could be:

  • Square or rectangle

When providing a shade for a large area, putting up collective square-shaped or rectangle-shaped is the greatest option. You can either put these shades side by side or have the shades slightly overlapping each other. 

Because having it set side by side leaves a gap, others prefer to have an overlapping setup. When opting for an overlapping shade over a side by side set up, make sure to maintain a fair amount of distance (12 inches) between the sails to prevent them from batting each other in case of a windy day.

  • Slanted triangle

Because this type is the most aesthetically pleasing, a slanted triangle shade sail is perfect for protecting anything under it from heat while flaunting a modern facade.

  • Retractable 

From the name itself, this type of shade sail is retractable. Because you can extend or close this as needed, this is a better option if you want a more flexible type of shade sail. 

Since a shade sail can be used both for residential and commercial purposes, considering investing in a shade sail allows you and the people around to enjoy spending time outdoors may it rain or shine! 

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