7 innovative ways to reuse cardboard material

7 innovative ways to reuse cardboard material

Cardboard is used in our daily life for a multitude of purposes. From delivery boxes to book paperbacks, it is put in various uses. Due to its frequent use, millions of used pieces end up in landfills contributing to pollution. It has also been reported that it makes up 31% of landfills globally. In this age of innovation and digitization, it is essential to put it in productive and beneficial purposes for the greater good.

The innovative ways to reuse cardboard excellently and in productive ways are:

1. Art and Craft

Using cardboard box in good ways is indeed a skill and can serve as a source of livelihood for individuals too. For playful uses and child entertainment, playhouses can be constructed out of the corrugated version, this being proven as a cheap alternative and less-polluting substitute for plastic-based houses. In the domain of brain games and mind-sharpening, maize houses can be constructed by shaping and folding, for making good use of time and to sharpen one’s intelligence. Like playhouses, cardboard castles can be made out serving as the best use of time and play. Printed cardboards may seem to be useless due to already drawn patterns and design. But they could be used to create amusing and sublime coloring books. Similarly, book coverings could be made from it for protection and long use of books. Lastly, sweet boxes could be made from scratch cardboard with further decoration.

2. Repair & Fire Starter

When there is an unwanted intake of sunlight from broken ceiling or glass or when there is a leakage of water due to rain or generally, cardboard boxes can serve as a quick repair for stopping the leakage or intake when there is no other material available for use. Corrugated form can be used for fixing wooden errors too.

3. Protection & Check

Large cardboard boxes or sheets can be used for surface protection during paint or other messy processes on the floor or other permanently markable surfaces. Secondly, for the checks of leaks from machines such as cars, generators, pipes, etc. it can act as a quick problem indicator if it is placed under or near them.

4. Gardening

One of the most effective use is that of gardening. Its two types i.e. corrugated and flat-forms are first shredded into fine pieces, then soaked in water with some detergent. Then, it is put into the soil for its decomposition into compost, helping in the quick and strong growth of plants. It can function as a frost protector for plants too. For this, plants are covered with boxes to serve the purpose. In the same way, it can serve as protection from sunlight for plants too. Another fascinating use is plant pots. Plant pots can be made from them and can be used for the early cultivation of plants by growing seedlings.

Another gardening use is sheet mulching. Sheet mulching is the process by which the growth of weeds and unwanted plants or grass is curtailed. Due to the curtailment, weeds and plants decompose serving as an un-paid fertilizer for plants grown too. For sheet mulching, cardboard sheets are spread out in the grounds where planting is to be done.

5. Cardboard furniture

Corrugated cardboard is the strongest form with multiple layers of paper stuck together. This type can be used for making staunch furniture of long life for use in gardens and areas of choice. Among the furniture, chairs and tables could be made by cutting and shaping them. Shelves could also be fashioned for the placement of accessories, attire, and clothes. Toy guitar, among other toys, could be made, by sticking layers together and by fixating rubber wires to copy the design of a guitar.

6. Décor & Entertainment

It can be used for making party decorations such as flags, coverings, etc. Cheap party poppers could also be made using the cut pieces. Birthday and well-wishes cards could also be made from it by just adding some glitter and writings. Photo-frames could also be made from them and they are interestingly subject to customization too. They could serve as in-house decorations as well as adorable gifts for others too. These cards are cheaper substitutes for the market ones too. Hand-made paintings could be stuck on it and then hanged on the walls. Similarly. fancy photo frames can be made and can be gifted as interesting objects. Piggy Banks could also be constructed.

7. Storage

Storage bins can easily be made out and are efficient and cheap. It will be made by folding and adhering with glue for storage and other utilities. Kitten houses can be made from shoes and other boxes. Desk and Bathroom organizers are easy ways to make the organization neat. Storage boxes for fruits, vegetables, etc. could also be made. Dresser drawers are also made into sections using their pieces. This is one of the easiest projects ever and one that is so useful. You can use pieces of cardboard to separate socks and all sorts of other items and keep those drawers perfectly organized. You just mark and cut your cardboard so that it perfectly fits inside the drawers and stays tight enough to not fall over.

Business Perspectives

 Cardboard boxes are the number one hero in when it comes to branding and expanding business. Every emerging brand who cares about environment have started using cardboard boxes for packaging instead plastics. Other than being extremely eco-friendly, these cardboard boxes is made from the perfect material that allows manufacturers to print their brand logo on it along with the slogan.

Marketing Facts

The secret to success is making your client feel special and the best way to do it is customizing cardboard boxes in order to market them efficiently. You can print it in different patterns, cover it in wrapping sheets or just simply put stickers on it. These boxes are as versatile as they come and there is no limit to the number of ways they can be styled.

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