8 Tips for Preparing Your Outdoors for Summer

8 Tips for Preparing Your Outdoors for Summer

The sun still has not gotten enough, and in fact, we are still about to reach the peak of summer! Summer is the perfect time when we can enjoy the heat and bask in the sun. Going to the beach or the water park is perfect, but you can still enjoy summer even in your own home by hanging out at your deck. Especially during these times when we are still about to recover from the pandemic, it is safer to enjoy summer in your own home. Just because you are having fun at your home does not mean that it needs to be dull. You can still make outdoor activities fun by prepping your outdoors and redecorating them! Is your yard, deck, or lawn ready? Here are some tips for you!

Ensure waterproofing

Before anything else, you must first ensure if your yard is still in the right condition. Since you have just gone through spring where we tend to experience lots of rainfall, we bet that you have settled your waterproofing. Waterproofing your deck offers lots of advantages for your deck or lawn. It protects your deck from the weather and increases its durability. If you have not waterproofed your decks yet, you better call for the right services now. Your deck is not the only thing you should apply waterproof. Protect the furniture you have outdoors like your chairs or tables. Waterproof outdoor storage is necessary, too, to also protect your shelves.

Clear your lawn

If you still have not worked on this during spring, you are never too late for clearing your lawn. Take out your lawnmower and trim your grass. For a clear lawn, you can trim your grass twice a week during the summer, and once a week during spring. Your lawn will also look less cluttered and less infested with pests. To keep your lawn simple and charming, low, yet regular maintenance management will do. You do not need dramatic overhauls, except if you want to renovate it completely.

Ensure the health of your lawn

We mentioned that you do not need high maintenance work for your lawn, but you need to regularly check it up. Checking up your outdoors includes ensuring the health of your lawn. Make sure you remove the moss in your yard. If you are about to have a few friends over, now is the time to clear them out through scarification and using chemical solutions.

Do not forget to aerate your lawn. Aerating your lawn allows your grasses to have healthier roots because this makes them breathe. Aeration allows the water and nutrients to enter the roots more efficiently. Now that we are at the peak of summer, you need to aerate your grass and plants more for them to survive.

Prune shrubs and trees

Aside from aesthetics, pruning your trees and shrubs is also a need. Regular trimming will promote healthier growth for your trees and shrubs. This way, you get to remove insect-infested dead parts of your shrub. You can also remove the damaged parts of your plants due to the weather. Aesthetically speaking, it is fun and appealing to shape your shrub or tree by pruning them.

To start pruning, check out for dried, colorless leaves, first. These will be the parts that you will prune first. Aside from being an eyesore, dead limbs can spread diseases to the rest of your shrub. Tree limbs that come in the way of walkways, driveways, and such must also be cut.

Plan what you want and what you need

Now that you have done the proper preparations and maintenance, you can now reflect if you want to do some changes to your lawn. Think if you want a renovation or if you just want a few revamps or touch-ups. It just would not do for you if you decide to apply changes here and there. Know what you want and what you need first. Create a plan based on your needs and wants based on feasibility as well.

Add other plants

Plants will give color to your outdoors. You can mix and match different plants, herbs, and even vegetables to design your lawn. You can use herbs to edge your plant and flower beds for added depth and drama. Use the colors from different flowers to make your lawn more aesthetically pleasing. Just make sure that you place them in harmony and contrast with each other. Aside from the visuals of your lawn, pay attention to texture as well. This is a matter of foliage.

Add outdoor furniture

How can you enjoy your outdoors and how can you invite friends in if they do not have a place to sit? To add more drama and life to your deck, add furniture pieces that can make your deck or lawn more homelike. If you are into barbecue, then it is high time for you to invest in a good grill so you can enjoy delicious servings of meat.

Think of your lighting

Another best way to enjoy the summer is to spend fun times outdoors during the night! You get to enjoy the sweet summer air without the scorching rays of the sun. However, if you are to spend a night chilling on your lawn, you will need the right lighting. For this, you can check out the right porch lights or outdoor lights that will efficiently light up your outdoors. You can also install a string of lights.

Experiment responsibly

Here are just some of the things that can help you out when you need to prepare your lawn or your outdoors for the summer. There will surely be other ways to beautify your home, but make sure that you do the right research first, so you would not run into any accident or mistake relating to your lawn. You can do more research or consult a professional if you want drastic changes for your lawn. You can also check out reliable online stores that can help you fill your lawn with reliable storage solutions and items, like Storables.com.

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