Alternatives of Textsheet For Students

Alternatives of Textsheet For Students

Textsheet, was a website designed for students, to help them solve their problems. It reaches its fame in its early days. The main purpose of textsheet was to help students get their homework, projects, and assignments are done. Textsheet became famous because it gave solutions and answers to every student’s questions. Because of its free of cost services, textsheet became one of the favorite websites for teachers and students.

Textsheet was very helpful for students. As for a student, it was very easy to find any question’s answer on it. All answers provided by textsheets were always best to their kind. So, later on, it was even recommended to other students to use text sheets for their projects and assignments.

Why is Textsheet not Working?

After some time, it was proved that textsheet was used to copy its answers from another website. Chegg claimed that textsheet copy answers from their site and used them as their own. Because of this DMCA copyright rules violation, textsheet was banned entirely from the internet.

What happened to textsheet

Later on, many students, complained about textsheet not loading any answer. It was a great shock for the textsheet users to see the message about the textsheet answers being copied. And the authentic reason for textsheet shut down was also published on public forums. To some extent, it managed to ease the anger and sorrow of the students on textsheet down. Many students accepted the reality that textsheet is down but some still find it difficult to be real.

Is Textsheet illegal?

According to DMCA copyright rules, it is illegal to use someone else work without their permission. In case of violation of this rule, one should be prepared for severe consequences. So, in this regard, what textsheet did, considered plagiarism and illegal.

Is textsheet safe

Textsheet is safe if it strictly follows the rules of DMCA copyright. It would be a great joy for students if a new textsheet with clear-cut rules and regulation helps its users again.

Textsheet alternative

After the shutdown of textsheet, many students, in their disheartened state, try to find other alternative websites. There are many websites similar to textsheet. As students always seek help from internet websites for their projects or assignments. These sites like textsheet help students with their homework. These websites work as an alternative to textsheet in their correspondence. Students can easily find these websites on alternative. Some of the famous textsheet alternative websites are:


Chegg is an American education technology company. It provides digital books, notes, and other material for students. It was because of Chegg that textsheet lost its fame and got completely shut down. It works similar to textsheet with proper rules and regulations. Chegg provides answers to the student’s questions and helps them like other sites like textsheet. So it can be seen in alternative which provides facilities to students and a great source of knowledge which can be used as an alternative to textsheet.


Studylib is a unique service that provides free essays. Homework, research papers, book, and so on. It is another alternative to textsheet. Its base is similar to textsheet but somewhat complex. It has also occupied its place in other sites like textsheet with its share amount of knowledge. Because of its wide range of knowledge and materials, it can be easily found on alternative. The site is completely free to access and to post anything which might be helpful for other students.


Slader a site that helps the student to learn step by step. This site is famous in America as it is similar to textsheet. It gives answers to the question with detail and teaches the student step by step. So, it is a famous site like textsheet as its answer to every question. Slader is considered one of the alternatives to textsheet. It is also present in the list of alternatives as a big source of help for students.


Unlike textsheet, coursehero, mostly, provide course-specific study resources. It is also an American study technology website similar to textsheet. It answers the questions of the students as other sites like textsheet. So it is also considered as one of the most suitable alternatives to textsheet. It can also be found in alternative because of it. But use it one must have to sign in.


Paperhelp helps the students to write their assignments and research papers. Like textsheet, it helps the student to write their research paper without the exception of grade. In this regard, it is similar to textsheet. And it works just like the other sites like textsheet and studylib. It is a most exceptional alternative to textsheet and shows its full usefulness by being in alternative.


Like textsheet and other websites, it is also an online education portal. It helps the students to complete their assignments and research on time as other sites like textsheet. It is also similar to textsheet to some extends. So it is a good alternative to textsheet as many tutors and researchers recommend it on alternative.


 Skooli is a little different from textsheet. It helps the student to hire a teacher and create an e-learning program. It is similar to textsheet as it helps the students in their studies. Skooli work as the other sites like textsheet to help the student improve their learning and grades. So it is also considered as an alternative to textsheet and present in the list of alternative.


Sparknotes is based on textbook lessons and guides. It gives the student a complete answer to the question and helps students like textsheet. It is like a guide to the student which is somewhat similar to textsheet. It solves student’s problems and helps them to prepare for exams as other sites like textsheet. So, it is one of the best alternatives to textsheet and strongly defends itself as one of alternatives.


Like other websites Humbolt also help the student to complete their homework and assignments. It helps the students by giving them the answers from the experts as other websites and textsheet do. It gives the solution to the problem as soon as possible similar to textsheet. It can help on as many subjects as other sites like textsheet. Because of this, it is also known as an alternative to textsheet in alternative.

Book finder

As it sounds like, book finder is a website alternative to textbook which helps the students to find the book regardless of its edition. It helps the student to find what they want and need similar to textsheet. In other sites like textsheet, book finder also helps the students to complete their homework and their preparation for the exam. So, it is also mentioned in alternative as an alternative to textsheet.

School Solver

A tutoring website, which answers the questions and helps the students with their homework. Like textsheet, one can ask as many questions as he/she wants. Similar to textsheet, it will provide the answers as soon as possible. Many tutors are present to answer the question as it happens on other sites like textsheet. Being an alternative to textsheet, not only helps the students but also the tutors to earn some money. So it is the best alternative.


As we have seen that textsheet play an important role in the life of a student. Even after the closure of textsheet, it still affects others as it leaves examples for other websites to help the students. For the final words, we can say that textsheet is down and now many textsheet alternatives are more or less better than the previous one. These alternative websites provide the best service and are very helpful not just for students but also for teachers and researchers. 

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