An Expert Guide on How to Secure your Cycle

Cycling is one of the healthiest activities that serve both; entertainment and exercise. Physical health is significant these days since humans are evolved around smart gadgets. Laying all day long can raise severe diseases in your body. Physical activity is preferred to control health factors like obesity, stamina, cardio health, depression. The commendable pedal-assist exercise is a magic pill for all health issues.

Every grade-schooler has once ridden the bicycle. People of all ages like to wander around with this environment-friendly vehicle. There are 675,000 cycles and only 120,000 cars in Copenhagen, where 29% of transportation is done on cycles.

These economical, health guardian and environment-friendly bicycles are not secure in urban areas. The thieves always eye on to steal cycles because of their fragile self-security; they are easy to steal. A bicycle is never secured unless it is locked with a sturdy lock. Many people report their bicycles stolen from their backyards where they consider their cycles hooked.

The first rule to enjoy your cycle trips is the act of securing the bike. Here is an expert guide on how to secure your bike.

Never leave your bike unattended

A thief has no sign to be recognized. Leaving the bike unattended for a short period can invite the thief to begin with burglary steps. Sherlock thieves have a mind to create obstacles for cyclists to make them leave the bicycle unattended. It has been observed that most people hesitate to drag a bike with burst tires. Thus, thieves burst the tires with purpose and plan to return and cut your locks later.

Park the bike in your garage at night

A common trait about thieves is they plan to sneak in at night time. As soon as the sun goes down, the bike thieves lookup for undocked bikes. A few people consider their road as secure as the internal limit of their homes since they had never caught wind of any burglary in their locale. Indeed, even in such secured communities, the cycles are undependable because of the fact that it can’t talk about its genuine proprietor and anyone can take the bicycle, parked in front of your entry door.

Thus, consider docking the bicycles in your parking space at night and if you are deprived of parking space, consider locking the bicycle nearest to your passageway.

Double the security with two top-notch locks

Burglars have tricky equipment to tear up the lock in seconds, especially an ordinary chain lock. The cyclists usually leave the entire security of their cycle on a single lock. An addition of one more lock for the bike can reduce the robbery chances to null. Two different types of locks disturb the thieves in the burglary process.

Tug up your bike with a tough nut

While cycling, you may need to stop in thirst of water, going to the park or holding up under a safe house on blustery days. Meanwhile, your bike is at risk.

The bike security relies upon the item it is bolted to. So, ensure you pick a fixed and firm object that is a tough nut to crack, cut or break.

Park the bike at rushy area

Rushy areas are more likely to have CCTV cameras planted on the poles. The sneaky thieves never attempt to rob in public places because of hundreds of random overseers passing by. So, consider locking your cycle under a CCTV camera or near security checks.

Park the bike at Public stands

The skilled cycle thieves hesitate to be caught. They do not urge to steal anything from a covey. The public parking stands serve a great deal to prevent burglars because of different reasons.

Try to park your bike in the middle of the cycle herd. It avoids thieves to go for your bike because of the complex deadlock, formed by tens of tied bikes.

Moreover, the parking stands are a frequently visited place. A bunch of cyclists dock and undock their bikes from the stands. This frequent flux of cyclists urges the thug to refrain stealing any cycle from a public stand.

Last but not least, many parking lots have wardens to take care of cycle assets. Thus, reserving a berth for your cycle by locking it firmly, guarantees your cycle security.

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