Apple introduced its First Headphones

Apple introduced its First Headphones

Leading American technology company Apple has introduced the latest ‘AirPods Max’.

Apple’s new AirPods Max headphones are priced at US 54 549 (PKR 87,980).

Apple says that the new AirPods will have a battery life of 20 hours and hopefully it will start delivering to consumers from next week.

Its sensors will keep it on if it is attached to the user’s ears And as soon as you take it off your head, it will automatically go into off mode.

In addition, it can also be used to make a custom song or call by giving the command ‘sri’.

Note that Apple’s new AirPods Max headphones cost 54 549 more than the company’s early-level iPhone and iPad models.

Apple has announced that the AirPods and AirPods Pro will be priced at 159 and 249, respectively.

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