Bench and its classification

Bench and its classification

Today’s hectic life made everyone so occupied with their busy routines and schedules that they fail to make time for themselves. But if you are having your own garden at your home. You might have found yourself wanting to give some time to yourself while you sip your morning tea or read the newspaper. This leads to refrain from frustration and mental exhaustion. Moreover to be linked with nature every now and then is number one cure for your mental health.

Comfortable and informal, the garden hardwood bench is a welcome enhancement to any garden. Use it in its key format for half an hour behold the sun set or dress it up with comfy and colourful cushions and throws for when you have friends dining in the fresh air. The garden bench is a truly adaptable piece of outdoor furniture.

Types of garden benches:

Wooden garden benches -Wooden benches are the most natural and well-combine furniture for the garden. They are the best and most popular option for garden seating. They blend flawlessly and go perfectly well in the gardens with the overall environment.

Pine or Natural Cedar -These are quite expensive ones as compared to pine. It gets worse if garden benches made from cedar or pine are not painted or sealed over time they turn gray in color. But they can last for years, if they are treated and maintained properly.

Teak- A tropical tree “teak” is perfect for all outdoor furniture, including garden benches. Want to know the best part?? It doesn’t matter it is exposed to elements, Teak furniture can last for as long as 50 years. This kicker makes it extremely expensive. To maintain the reddish-brown color that is specialty of teak, all it needs to be polished with oil annually or twice a year.

Australian Jarrah- Australian Jarrah is highly durable wood and has deep reddish shade. And can last for decades. These benches made from Australian Jarrah add warmth and glamour to a garden. Their durability makes them very costly.

Natural Wood- For rough and casual use natural hardwood garden benches are affordable as well as convenient. Though they do not endure exposure to elements.

Backless Garden Benches- Backless garden benches are versatile. They can be shifted anywhere in the gardens, as they do not have a backrest. They can be approached from both of its sides. And this is crazy to know, that they can be used as a table when you are having a party in your garden.

Memorial Garden Benches- Memorial benches are a piece of furniture that made in the memory of someone who has died. These benches can be made of wood, metal, stone, or any other synthetic materials. To make it highly durable memorial benches are usually made of thick wood or a material that the bench lasts a long time.

Tree Garden Benches- It can assist you to feel relaxed and peaceful to read under a tree. The fresh cool breeze and the shade under a tree can make you forget some of your worries simultaneously it also helps as a therapy. Consequently tree garden benches make the reading experience under a tree more comfortable and pleased. These types of garden benches are specially designed around the trunk of the tree. Hence, the tree trunk is in the middle with seating all around it. You can conveniently sit on the bench and enjoy the shade of the tree even during the bright sunny days.

Concrete Garden Benches- These weather-resistant, durable, decorative concrete garden benches need extremely low-maintenance. Concrete garden benches are available in several designs and can be bring into play your requirements. And the best part to know is that you can add a touch of personality and meaning to your garden through a custom-made concrete garden bench.

Rattan Garden Benches- Rattan garden benches are also multi featured with light-weight, weather-resistant, waterproof, and UV protective. Its weather-resistant and UV protective quality make them perfect for outdoors. These are super easy and convenient to clean. Above all, rattan garden benches are comfortable and versatile. Rattan garden benches enhance the look of your garden and make it look stunning and attractive.

Metal Garden Benches- If your opinion regarding wooden garden benches is that it won’t go well with the look you are desiring for your garden, metal garden benches will may be a fit option for you. But do not forget to be sure that the type of metal is able to withstand the harsh weather conditions before buying the metal garden bench as garden bench is often exposed to.

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