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Buying Pod Refills – Know The Right Time To Change The Pod

Do you want to change the pod refill? Frankly, there is no fixed time when you need to change the refill. It mainly depends on the way you vape. It is more important for you to vape smartly. It is important to care for your device as well.

Using the same refill for a longer time will also degrade the quality of the device. It is never good to keep vaping the same refill, till it completely dries out. You can search for the best Juul pods in the UK online. Each pod will carry an expiry date with it.

To get the best out of your vaping experience, you need to consider vaping fresh pods. You should always use good quality vape pods that offer with short shelf-life. This way, you don’t overstock or use a stale pod refill.

In general, any good quality vape pod will offer three to five days of shelf-life. the moment this time is reached, it is best to replace it.

Consider your vape habits

Different people have different vape habits. Some prefer to keep vaping for the entire day, while others will vape two or three times a day. Some will vape one or two drags only. These are called vape habits.

Depending on your habit, you will consume the vape liquid from the pod. If you vape too much, then the pod needs to be replaced every day. When you vape, always keep a track of your vape habit.

Is the flavour changing taste?

Vape juice may carry some warranty with them. Once the dates are nearing the pod will start changing its taste. If you notice the taste is not the same, then its time you should consider replacing the pod refill.

You are vaping a particular brand for its taste. If you don’t get the same taste, try replacing the refill.

Is the vapour losing thickness?

You just insert a brand new refill pod in the device. It will always produce rich vapour. This is because it is new. But the moment you continue vaping, the quality of the vapour will keep degrading. There is nothing wrong with the device.

The problem is with the pod refill. Check with the liquid immediately as it is decreasing in concentration. If this happens it is the best time to think of a new refill.

Dry hit factor

This is one of the most common signs that you should immediately consider a new refill. The moment you take a drag from your device, you will notice a burnt taste. This is because the entire juice has been used up. There is nothing left inside the pod tank.

Now you should immediately go for a change if you want to enjoy the vape taste. Overusing your old pod is never recommended for your health.

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