Which Type of Coating Can Be More Beneficial For Candle Boxes Vanishing or Spot UV

Which Type of Coating Can Be More Beneficial For Candle Boxes Vanishing or Spot UV

The primary purpose of using coatings on the candle wholesale boxes is to enhance their quality and perceived value. Their use is also beneficial for the protection of inks on the surfaces. Depending upon the need and budget, the choice of coatings may vary. Every type of them has its own pros and cons so, their suitability for the desired job must be considered carefully. The varnishing and spot UV are the two main coatings that are currently being employed for enhancing the appearance of candle packages. Both of them have some common as well as different characteristics. Let us know which one of them will suit you best for your packaging.

Why candle packaging needs coating?

To ensure the quality, safety, and originality of the candles, the custom candle boxes must be reliable and customer-friendly. For the candle products to be successful, these boxes must be coated to perform some added functions. One of the most basic functions of the coatings is to act as a protective shield against harmful factors. They act as a perfect barrier and keep the moisture and oxygen outside the packaging; thus, not letting these elements harm the novel posture of the candles. Not just that, but you would see that they preserve the printed work on the packaging as well. The dust and other outside elements cannot fade the printed text and graphics due to the resistive properties of coatings. Aside from protection, they produce an instant sheen on the box, due to which it becomes further visible, and its visual appeal is elevated. This escalates the product value as well as creates a versatile brand identity in the marketplace.

Varnish coating:

This type of coating is usually clear and more transparent that is applied to the wholesale candle boxes during or after printing. Its use is quite effective against the effects of scuffs, smudges, and fingerprints, which otherwise can reduce the visual appeal to a great extent. By giving more depth to the colors, it makes your boxes look distinguished and unique. Basically, it has four different types, namely, gloss, matte, satin, and strike-through matte. In gloss varnish coating, the packaging colors are given more depth, and the contrast between different colors is enhanced. For a more subtle and soft appearance, the matte varnish finishing is more suitable. If your candle packaging is including a lot of text, this type of finishing works well in helping people to read even from a distance. In the strike-through matte and satin finishing, both matte varnish and gloss varnish are applied for enhanced protection and a beautiful appearance. However, in the latter, it seems like no varnish has been applied.

  • Benefits

It is perfect for adding a layer of quality to the candle packages.

Ensures protection against scuffs, fingerprints, etc., as well as alluring and fascinating visuals.

It provides a great piece of flexibility during its application process, i.e., it can be applied to wet inks as well as after drying the inks.

  • Drawbacks

One shortcoming is that it does not offer the same level of protection as some other types of finishing, such as spot UV.

The varnish is not completely environmentally friendly and requires specific consideration to not produce any toxic by-products.

Spot UV coating:

It is a standard coating process and is applied to specific areas of artwork on the custom candle boxes to create a dazzling contrast and make these packages look luxurious. As implied by its name, it uses ultraviolet light to produce a sheen and a more vibrant aesthetic to the targeted spots. If it is applied to the printed logo of your company on the candle packages, it will help the logo to shine and present a more catching appeal. This can ultimately help your brand stand out with a more distinguishable box design. The spot UV coating with its high clarity and ultimately shine offers a more visually elegant option than the standard box surfaces. It can captivate the experience of the people once they touch your packages coated with this type of finishing. This is because it adds tactile effects, which are crucial in offering a sensory experience.

  • Benefits

Ø It offers an ultimate shine and incredible appeal to the custom candle packages in the direct light as well as in the dim light.

Ø It adds a touch of exclusiveness and protects the printed work from any undesirable effects such as smudges.

Ø As compared to the varnish finishing, it is an environmentally friendly and safer option.

  • Drawbacks

Ø There is virtually no limitation to the application of spot UV on the candle packages, but its use is not recommended if the thickness of your boxes is higher.

To sum up, every manufacturer has unique specifications and ideas in mind when deciding the look of candle wholesale boxes. Both types of coatings can be employed depending on the specific needs regarding the safety and appearance of these packages. Both the varnish and spot UV coatings work best for protecting the artwork and giving it a shinier appearance, but the latter is an eco-friendlier option

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