Colour Block T-Shirt by Feranoid is Taking Hearts of Every Teenager

Colour Block T-Shirt by Feranoid is Taking Hearts of Every Teenager

Colour Block T-Shirt Patterns were a hit in the ’80s, and again, they are back in trend with a full swing. With unique designs, patterns, and color blocking techniques, exciting new styles have attracted the interest of many teenagers. These are the most preferred category by millennials now, being classy, funky, and timeless, all under one option. 

Color blocking trend comes with more than one color, divided by finite blocks. These colors can either be contrasting, complementary or just shades for a single color. This gives you an easy option to play with different accessories, adding a charm to your overall outfit.

Feranoid, the famous men’s wear brand has covered this trend with its unique essence. The brand has multiple options that can be scrolled down in all the standard sizes and colors. 

Color blocking techniques need to be carried out precisely as there are rare chances of two different colors complementing each other. The Feranoid designers’ team has studied this whole concept deeply, proven by their available options.

Why do Teenagers love color Block T-shirts? 

T-shirts can be designed in multiple ways, be it in solid colors, prints, patterns, or color blocks. Colour Block T-shirts are the recent hype over men’s wardrobe because of their increased functionality. How one simple t-shirt can be styled for different occasions, be it formal or casual!

Teenagers prefer timeless options instead of prints and patterns. Colour Block T-Shirt provides them with patterns they are looking out for.

You can style a Colour Block T-Shirt for multiple events, be it a day out, pool party, regular workday at the office, or for night parties. It all depends on your styling imaginations, how and what you are pairing it with. 

For casual day-outs or the regular workday at the office, pair the t-shirt with denim and white sneakers. Club the design with loafers, chinos or trousers, and a watch for formal meetings or pair it with denim shorts to slay pool parties. 

Attractive Enough! 

Why choose a Colour Block T-Shirt by Feranoid? 

Colour Block Tshirts

The next question that might hit your mind is why to opt for Feranoid amongst so many available options! The brand will give you the reason for the same. 

Feranoid is a creative start-up launched to provide the latest trends to people under an affordable price range. The website has some set standards in its design book, which makes it different from the others.

All their products are made with the use of 100% cotton fabric. Cotton is the most widely used fabric for clothing apparel. This is because it is lightweight, durable, sustainable, and gives a soft feel to the skin.

Other than this, the brand focuses on delivering designs that will speak for your personality. Teenagers now look for the patterns that reflect their individuality, overall boosting their public confidence. They feel confident while wearing the t-shirts either for their favorite phrase, characters, or selected prints.

All such factors are addressed at Feranoid. Their designs are loud enough to help make you stand out from the crowd.

Buy Men’s Topwear Online on Feranoid? 

Mens Tshirts

Being the best men’s wear brand, the website offers multiple options in related categories. You can scroll down to buy variants for shirts, t-shirts, tanks, joggers and hoodies on their website. Each design can be opted with different color options and can also be customized according to the preferences. 

Furthermore, the platform has uniquely segregated categories for its products. Where all the brands provide options for shirts and t-shirts under the same menu, Feranoid has divided them under:

  •  Funky T-Shirts,
  • Colour Block T-Shirt
  • Full Sleeve T-Shirts,
  • Sleeveless T-Shirts,
  • Pure Cotton Shirts,
  • Sweatshirts and Hoodies,
  • Joggers,
  • Anime T-Shirts,
  • Typography T-shirts,
  • Biker T-Shirts and various other categories. 

These eliminate the need to filter according to the occasion further. Adding to it, the brand offers the following features in their products.

  •  These all are designed with Regular Fit so that the options can ideally be worn for longer hours.
  • All the products are made out of 100% Cotton Fabric, giving your skin a soft and lightweight feel.
  • All the patterns are Creative and Trendy.
  • Most of their Colour Block T-Shirts are curated with Round Neck, Rib Neckband, Half Sleeve, and Comfort Fit. 
  • All their products come with Easy Wash Techniques


Now that you have so many reasons to shop from Feranoid, scroll down the list of available options over the platform before the same goes out of stock. 

The website gives you an option to purchase a pack of any three t-shirts only at 999/-. Other than this, all their options, for now, are available at more than 40% discounted prices. Buy your favourite colour block t-shirt before the stock runs out!

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