Compress PDF: Reduce File Size with GogoPDF

Compress PDF: Reduce File Size with GogoPDF

The Portable Document Format remains among the most preferred types of electronic document. Nowadays, PDF is a standard file type in business, education, and other fields which require file management and documentation. Moreover, PDF is also a file type being used for online publishing. Due to its popularity, anyone can access it without the need for a particular app or software. Thus, adding more to its appeal to users.

However, users may want to compress PDF files. You can read different ways to do this, but going online and using GogoPDF is the best method. Read on and learn how to compress pdf online with this tool. At the same time, see why you should consider compressing your files.

 Compress PDF Using GogoPDF

Follow these simple steps and reduce the size of your file instantly. It’s free, convenient, and straightforward. Use GogoPDF and compress PDF in minutes.

1. Select the files you need to compress. You may import them from your computer or drag and drop your files into the conversion box.

2. Wait while GogoPDF compresses your file. The process immediately starts after you upload the file.

3. Stay still until the compression is finished. The process usually takes a few minutes.

4. Download your newly compressed PDF file to your computer. You may also share the document on your social media accounts.

GogoPDF reduces your file size without damaging it. After the compression, you will still get a maximum resolution of PDF. In addition, the layout and format of the original file are preserved. GogoPDF produces only the best quality possible.

You can use this PDF compressor on any device and anytime you need it. Everything is done online and the website is generated on the cloud. You are not required to register or install any software. With a stable internet connection and a reliable device, you can start compressing your file.

GogoPDF highly values its users’ privacy. In line with this, you do not need to worry about identity theft or data breaches. Everything you uploaded is removed after an hour.

Lastly, this PDF compress supports all major operating systems. Are you using Windows, Linux, or Mac? GogoPDF works whatever operating system you have. Moreover, you can access it across multiple browsers and browser versions.

What Happens When You Compress A PDF?

1.File compression reduces the space used by the file to about more than 50%

A file of 10GB could be reduced or compressed to 5 GB or less. How does this happen? A compression tool like GogoPDF uses a specific algorithm to determine and remove redundancies, identify patterns, and highlight areas that can be compressed. These are all done without damaging most of the quality of the original file. For PDF and other graphic materials, this process pertains to the recreation of the original file with fewer pixels or smaller resolution.

Since the file reduces in size, sending it via email or other online channels becomes easier. However, you should use a tool that maintains the structure and elements of your file. This time is where GogoPDF becomes very handy. It reduces your file size without favoring size over quality.

Lastly, it’s important to remember that you may not be able to undo it once you compress the file. It may not be possible to turn it to its original form. So, it’s highly advised to backup your file before compressing it.

2.Your files are secured and encrypted

You can compress your file and apply a password to prevent unauthorized access. This action makes your file secured from hackers, possible alterations, or utilization of your file or document without your consent.

3. Compressed Files Are Safe From Antivirus Software

Antivirus quickly identifies and removes suspicious files. However, it does not remove compressed files. A lot of Antivirus software detects documents or files inside folders. Most of the time, it removes them because it identifies these files as dangerous ones. To avoid such from happening, you can compress your files.

Try These Other Tools From GogoPDF

1.Repair PDF

Fix your corrupted or damaged PDF file using GogoPDF. For some reason, your file can contain errors after saving or sending it. GogoPDF can be very handy when such happens. Like other tools it offers, Repair PDF processes your file in minutes using four quick steps. It fixes your file and tries to turn it back to its original form. GogoPDF will recover as much detail or data as possible. However, the result is dependent on how much damage your file has.

2. Convert HTML to PDF

Turn a web page into a PDF document. Visit GogoPDF online converter and paste the URL of the HTML file. Within minutes the tool can finish the conversion. Now, you can download it and save the file to your device.

3. Split PDF

Use GogoPDF to extract some pages to create a new PDF document or split a large file into a single page PDF file. Split or divide files with ease using GogoPDF. Within minutes, you can have a high-quality modified PDF.

4.JPG to PDF

GogoPDF can turn JPG files into PDF into one document. Select the JPG from your device or drag and drop it into the conversion box. When the conversion process is done, you may download your PDF file and save it on your device.


For long–term file preservation, convert your PDF to PDF/A. GogoPDF develops an ISO-standardized version of the PDF file. This one is made possible by eliminating features unsuitable for long-term archiving.

PDF/A format secures that your document can be accessible for many years to come. Moreover, you can be sure that all information required for displaying the document is permanently embedded in the file. PDF/A will preserve its format and content for access in the future.


Compress PDF files with GogoPDF and enjoy a hassle-free and quick process. Reduce the size of your files and experience the benefits along with it. Worry no more with your editing and conversion needs. GogoPDF is your one-stop shop for managing your documents. What are you waiting for? Try it now.

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