Creating a healthy and nice bedtime routine for your bundle of joy

Creating a healthy and nice bedtime routine for your bundle of joy

Your child may be tired out from the daily hustle, involving school work, assignments, meeting friends, playing indoors or outdoors, taking online hobby classes, etc. However, if you do not set a proper bedtime routine, then he/she will not be able to go to sleep quickly, get ample sleep and maximize rest, healing and recovery. He/she may already be involved in several fun activities for kids at platforms like Yellow Class, be participating in several interesting things like reading, quizzing, playing games, drawing, etc. However, to maintain the same level of health, happiness and productivity, children should be getting their daily recommended quota of sleep. Here is where a good bedtime routine should be established by parents above all else. 

It is often a challenge as a parent to get your child to go to bed at the right time. It is definitely not an easy task, but one that is ultimately worth it! Children find it difficult to control themselves if they get insufficient sleep. Sleep deprived kids are likely to demonstrate behavioral and attitude issues, find it hard to pay attention and focus and may also end up being overweight. Regular and fixed bedtime schedules help kids instill this sense of discipline into their lives. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind: 

1.Make sleeping a family goal above all else. Have regular bedtime and waking up times set for the whole family and adhere to this as much as possible, even during weekends. This will help your children adjust to a bedtime routine better. 

2.Signs of sleep issues including snoring, resisting bedtime, issues in falling asleep, waking up frequently at night and so on. If your child keeps facing these issues perpetually, consult your family physician. 

3.You should sit down and discuss a bedtime strategy with your better half, partner or other family members. Everybody should carry out this routine with total consistency. The child will never learn otherwise. Make children a part of something like a family strategy. Get them involved in a whole new sleep blueprint and routine. 

4.Children always flourish in the presence of proper routines. A consistent bedtime routine enhances sleep quality greatly in children according to several studies and reports. Children learn how to embrace sleep and they associate good feelings and security with bedtime. Include basics in the routine like brushing teeth, washing, putting on nighttime clothes, having water and so on. You can put in a little story time and read to your kids or talk about his/her day before he/she falls asleep. 

5.Have a few healthy snacking options available for sudden hunger pangs, i.e. crackers or milk or a fruit piece. 

6.Create the right environment with low light and noise levels. Have a small night light if the child prefers the same. 

7.Place a security object for children in the bed like a comfortable blanket, toy, teddy bear, etc. This will help them fall asleep quickly. 

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