Creative Ways To Help Your Kids Learn At Home

Creative Ways To Help Your Kids Learn At Home

COVID19 has resulted in at least one good thing: a greater awareness of the importance of schools. Parents everywhere are struggling to keep their kids occupied, while juggling the work obligations at the same time. Where parents find it difficult to help children learn at home, children find it hard to stay focused learning without a classroom. But you can still help keep your children’s education on track by making learning fun for them.

This article offers you some innovative methods that help you adjust to the new phase of learning at home and make your children comfortable. 

Create a learning space: Quiet, Comfortable, and dedicated space during study help your children achieve their best. So, set up a space for your children in the home that will help them to be focused. 

There are no exact rules and regulations to create a learning space. This is because each child has their own way to learn. So, the way creating a learning space may work best for one child proves worst for another.

Try to limit the distractions such as video games, television, etc. Allow your children to choose their learning space. It can be a comfortable bed or a study table, whatever they like.

Plan a routine: It is very important to make a structure so that your children cannot see this pandemic time as their extended vacation. It is essential to make them understand; this is the same as normal school time but at home.

You can keep their day structured by helping them to get ready in the same way and at the same time as they would for school. Prepare their snacks and lunch as usual.

Some schools provide the timetables and follow the same as in the school study. It is good if the learning rate of your child is the same as required to follow the timetable. But you can make the learning hours a little bit flexible depending upon the progress of your child.  

Technology helps a lot: In this difficult situation, technology helps your children to attend their schools effortlessly. Ensure you have the software such as Zoom, Skype, etc., that your kids require to attend online classes. 

For practical classes, you can opt some simulators, special kits such as robotics for kids, etc. This will give your children an illusion of real practical labs at school.

Many schools have also shared the licensed software that is required to send the schoolwork to the students.

 Make Learning Fun:

  1. Teach your kids in an environment that is stress-free so that your child can learn easily.
  2. Introduce some fun games between the breaks to keep them fresh and energetic.
  3. Start their day with some motivational quote or story.

After finishing one assignment of their school work, you can give them some time to do some activities and gear up for the next task. You can also give some rewards after completing their task to encourage them in this hard time.

Help your children but don’t come in their way: Now, you become a teacher’s guide and facilitator as a parent. So, if your child is facing any difficulty in a particular task, give them suggestions about that particular topic but try to give answers themselves as much as possible.

If you also don’t know about the query they asked, then find the answer together. Help your children but not make them dependent on you. Instead, motivate them to take control of their learning and be self-dependent.

Teach them about cyber security: In this difficult time, the digital platform acts as a boon for learning your kids. But the increase in usage of the internet harms the child’s safety and security.

Discuss the internet, its pros and cons in detail with your children so nobody takes advantage. Then, make some rules about when and how they use the internet.

Don’t forget to tell them about cyberbullying and not to share their personal information and pictures. 

I hope these ways help you and your children to face this difficult situation and get most of the benefit from this online learning.


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