DesignCap, One of the Best Alternatives to Canva

DesignCap, One of the Best Alternatives to Canva

Many companies and individuals face a significant problem when they want to sell a product or service, present an activity or an event, etc.

How to produce original visual content, reflecting the product or service and adapted for each communication channel while keeping the best quality/cost ratio?

There are several tools for performing graphic designs. I offer you this article to review one of the best in the field.

This platform is convenient, easy to use, and does not require any necessary training. It provides beginners with training content to help them progress quickly.

After creating an account, DesignCap offers a workspace on which you have a menu allowing you to switch between the list of models, your current or already completed projects, and the list of text fonts that you can import for more than customization.

Several formats are available for uploading your design (PDF, PNG, JPG) with different sizes. It is also possible to share your creations directly on social networks or by email by clicking on the Share button.

With DesignCap, you don’t have to be a designer or Illustrator expert to make impactful graphic designs for your website.

Many publishers like myself often find themselves in difficulty when creating images or graphic compositions for the various articles. I’m not a designer, I can do something, but it is a small thing. So I looked online for some tools that would allow me to create impactful images and graphics for my articles, and I came across DesignCap.

I already knew Canva, but I wanted to see if I could find something new, which cost a little less. So I discovered DesignCap, an online tool to create graphic projects directly in the browser without installing anything on the computer. Just go to the DesignCap website, register, and click the Get Started Now button to start creating your project.

With DesignCap, you can create images for your blog posts, posters, flyers, infographics, banners for YouTube and your Facebook channel, and much more. It is an online tool designed for those who, like me, are not graphic experts and want to quickly create impactful projects for the most diverse uses, from a simple invitation to a party to a website.

Using DesignCap is very simple. Once the creation of the new project has started, the choice of the template begins. You can also start from scratch, but using one of the many templates available becomes easier. You can find the template you need by scrolling through the categories or using the search engine.

Once you have chosen the template to start from, you can customize it with graphic elements such as icons and shapes of all kinds. You can then add text, diagrams, graphs, and other modules. The only limit is your creativity. Each function is elementary to use.

For example, you need to add a chart. You can safely create it by importing data from an Excel file.

DesignCap then provides you with thousands of images that you can freely use for your graphic projects without infringing copyright.

Compared to Canva, it has fewer features, but the subscription plans are more affordable. First of all, there is the Free plan, which allows you to use DesignCap for free and includes a limited number of templates, the possibility of saving up to 5 projects and exporting them in Jpg format.

If you are a blogger, you can aim for the Basic plan, which costs less than 60 dollars per year and provides you with all the DesignCup templates, images, icons, and modules. This is an acceptable expense considered similar alternatives. And then you can always try it without commitments and, if you like, choose the plan to subscribe.

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