Each Face has its Earrings

Each Face has its Earrings

If almost all of us are used to regularly falling for a pair of earrings, it is not as easy as that to choose them and wear them with elegance. Yes, the choice of this type of jewelry is also subject to some rules and it is important to respect them if you want to take care of your look.

So the different shapes and colors of earrings do not all lend themselves to the same face shapes and outfits. A brief overview of the criteria to be taken into account to nicely adorn our ears.

Which earrings to choose?

There are a multitude of styles of earrings: chips, dangling earrings, creoles, ethnic, fancy earrings … There really is something for everyone. Even non-pierced ears can easily decorate their lobes since there are many models of clip earrings.

Among all this choice, a first golden rule can help you sort it out: depending on the shape of your face, some earrings make you stand out more than others.

Which earring for which face?

So whether your face is round, oval, square, or heart-shaped, it determines which type of earring looks best on you. The rule to follow is as follows: play on contrasts and choose a pair of curls that oppose the shape of your face.

Round face earring

If you have a round face, avoid jewelry that is too bulky, imposing and round which will only accentuate the roundness of your face. The ideal jewel to sublimate yourself is the hanging earring, which will allow you to lengthen your face. Be careful though, the hanging earring must not exceed the jaw to remain harmonious.

Earring for oval or rectangular face

If your face is oval or rectangular, you will understand, it will be necessary to add volume. Round and / or short earrings will then help you to give it harmony and roundness. Go for lever-back earrings, hoops and all types of rounded earrings.

Earring for square face

Women with square faces will prefer jewelry that will lengthen and slightly round their face. Choose round and soft shapes, dangling earrings, and dare all sizes, from chips to XXL earrings.

Heart Shaped Face Earring

If you are lucky enough to have a face in the shape of a heart, you can afford anything, while favoring wide curls like pyramid shapes or in the shape of “drops”.

If you can successfully adapt the shape of your earrings to the shape of your face, that is most important and the rest is just a matter of taste. Nevertheless, there are a few tips that can help you harmonize your look with your earrings, depending on the outfit you are wearing.

How to wear your earrings?

If you wear a very colorful outfit, avoid colorful or costume jewelry. Prefer sober models, such as silver hoops, small pearl, gold or silver earrings. The key knows how to play with contrasts.

Thus, a simple outfit will be superbly accompanied by more showy and more sophisticated earrings which will then constitute the flagship piece of the look. Diamond earrings are made to be noticed and will give a pretty touch of elegance to a little black, white or pastel dress.

The original and very graphic earrings such as the dream catcher-shaped earrings, the ethnic models, the feather or pompom earrings, according to your tastes, will go very well with a basic and little colored outfit and will give pep’s to a sober look.

Note that hoops, small, medium or large, are basics that go with just about everything. The dangling earrings will be very pretty on a turtleneck for example, while the more voluminous earrings will sublimate your neck.

Finally, always favor moderation and do not overload your look by wearing your earrings with necklace and bracelets, to avoid the Christmas tree effect.

The earrings can be worn on any occasion and, once these few rules in mind, you will no doubt be able to choose them wonderfully to perfect your collection.

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