Education First: When to Start Homeschooling Your Children

Education First: When to Start Homeschooling Your Children

Are you thinking of teaching your children at home instead of sending them to school?

Since the pandemic, parents started withdrawing their children from schools to start homeschooling. There’s been a rise of 50% in home education registrations in one state in Australia.

Because of the pandemic, many had no choice but to opt for homeschooling. This kind of situation forces you to try out things most wouldn’t do in a usual setting. For your child’s safety, it’s time to think about when to start homeschooling your child.

In these circumstances, parents can step up and be an educator. Below are some guidelines on how to begin homeschooling.


It is legal to do homeschooling in Australia. Parents can register their children at their respective state or territorial education authority. The required age for children to start or switch to homeschool is from 6 to 12 years old.

Each state and territory in Australia have different parameters before granting registration. These parameters also apply to the parents who wish to put their child in homeschooling. An example of this is that the parents need at least a high school diploma or a GED to teach their children at home.

Benefits of Homeschooling

You always have the option to withdraw your child from school if you think it is best for their welfare. Take into consideration things like the current education system and the school environment.

Withdrawing your child from school may sound drastic, but it has its benefits. One of them is the guaranteed flexible and safe setting for your children.

Remote learning differs from home education. Traditional education from a school requires students to attend classes at certain times. Learning at home can be manageable as long as students meet the instruction hours.

You can have your child work at their own pace without any sense of intimidation. With no bullies or unsafe environments, your child can be at ease to pursue their learning journey. A family working and learning together is an extra benefit for your child as they will learn teamwork.

There are also disadvantages to homeschooling. Talk with your children to find out if learning at home is a favorable option for them.

Homeschool Curriculum

The best curriculum will depend on the learning abilities of your child. Understand their needs and their academic concerns. Test your teaching ability first before starting work with your stay-at-home student.

There are many sites online that provide curriculums to suit your family. There are two types of curriculums available: independent learning and parent-led learning.

Parent-lead learning curriculums involve parents teaching their children. This is ideal for students that need constant guidance from an adult.

Independent-learning curriculums allow children to take the responsibility to finish their subjects. This one provides opportunities for students to explore on their own.

Do you need help to teach teenagers? Homeschooling teens is never a simple task. Understanding how they want to take charge of things can help you lead them to success.

Know When to Start Homeschooling With These Guides

Homeschool is a solution for your child to transition away from public school complications.

The pandemic forced students around the world to try homeschooling. Pay attention to your child and see if this may be a better set-up for them than face-to-face classes. We hope this article has helped you answer some questions about when to start homeschooling your child.

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