Environmental Problems In Laundromats

Environmental Problems In Laundromats

As eco-friendly company practices spread across the country, you may be thinking, “How can I do my part to help the environment as a laundromat owner?”

While there are various common laundromat environmental challenges, ranging from business water to electricity consumption, you may also use several green measures. Begin by identifying the most frequent environmental challenges, and then use those issues to design an eco-friendly game plan for your laundromat.

Electricity Consumption

Let’s start with the most prevalent offender: excessive energy use. Both washers and dryers consume substantial energy, mainly due to water, heating, and electricity requirements. However, as a company owner, you may take numerous steps to lower your energy consumption:

  1. Encourage consumers, not to overuse hot water: According to the Department of Energy, nearly 90% of the energy used by a washing machine is used to heat the water. Encourage your consumers to use cold or warm water rather than hot water. According to the Department of Energy, this approach cuts water use in half.
  2. Purchase high-efficiency equipment: Make high-efficiency washers a top priority for your laundromat. Although high-efficiency dryer tech has yet to be invented, dryers with moisture sensors that deactivate the machine once the clothes are dry are available.

Water Usage

According to researchers, the average washing machine uses around 27 gallons of water every load and up to 13,500 gallons per year. That is the amount of water the average person will use in their lifetime – used by one washer and dryer! Fortunately, lowering your laundromat’s water use is as simple as acquiring an energy-efficient machine, which reduces water consumption

More Approaches Your Laundromat Can Go Eco-Friendly

As natural resources grow increasingly limited, enterprises such as eco-friendly laundromats are flourishing. Show your environmental stewardship by implementing these three simple eco-friendly ideas:

  1. Customers should be educated: While installing a home washer and dryer may save consumers time, it is really the least eco-friendly alternative due to the increased energy needed by each family. You have the ability as a laundromat owner to educate clients about the environmental effect of their laundry activities. Consider displaying informative signs with energy-saving recommendations.
  2. Research grants: Through its design for the environmental initiative, the EPA has committed to lowering the environmental issues of laundries. Investigate this program, as well as other grants, subsidies, and tax advantages for energy-efficient companies, to save money while helping the environment.
  3. Be Creative: There are several additional simple changes you may make to reduce your company’s environmental effect. Consider adding solar panels to provide more efficient power, as well as high-efficiency fluorescent lighting. Small modifications like these may have a tremendous impact.
  4. Avoid dangerous chemicals such as synthetic chemicals in detergents, stain removers, and dryer sheets: They have been related to endocrine disturbance, developmental toxicity, and other health issues. There are many non-toxic solutions for your laundry room, ranging from plant-based cleansers to oxygen-based brighteners.
  5. Online Transactions: Many laundromats now accept digital payments such as online banking, debit/credit cards, and savings cards and issue digital receipts after payment is received. These solutions remove the usage of paper, lowering the carbon impact and making it an environmentally friendly laundromat.

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