Events Where Clear Acrylic Risers Are Used

Events Where Clear Acrylic Risers Are Used


Acrylic Risers are the unique items which enables a product to be displayed in a more effective manner and attracts more attention from the viewers, be it in a commercial place or a domestic one. It has multifarious applications in our daily lives. It is transparent like glass and is much lesser in weight. But Acrylic risers can bear weight by few times than glass. It is also easily washable. There is no hazard of corrosion and it does not react to most of the chemicals.  Acrylic is scientifically known as Polymethyl Methacrylate and very often commonly known as ‘plexiglass’. Acrylic came into use during late 1920s and since then gradually occupied an important place in our daily lives.

Use of Acrylic Risers:

Acrylic risers may be used as display stands which looks to be very simple but plays a very significant role in marketing and display of products. It can be used at various levels to draw the attention on the products and looks like stairs. The most common use of these clear acrylic risers are in various categories of showrooms, museums, book stores, boutiques, various retail establishments etc. It is also used in various domestic purposes too. 

Risers are also made of various materials out of which wooden risers are considered to be a symbol of aristocracy. But the wooden risers are heavier and may have edges which sometimes cause injury or hazards of different types. But the acrylic risers are much lighter in weight and the smoothly finished edges are harmless.

Also the products displayed on the wooden risers or stands may divert the attention of the customers due to wooden curvatures and colours. But the acrylic risers are transparent and colourless. Thus there is no possibility of diversion of attention of the customers. Here the products will get the full attention and not the stands or risers. 

In case of stair like risers or plexiglass, prime items can be placed on the top level of the stair and the other items to be placed on a lower level on its left and right side. Customers also expect that the most expensive item should be displayed on top. Other items may be placed at different levels according to their priorities. This strategy may be applied for watches of different brands, cufflinks, pendants, ornaments, sunglasses, gift items, cosmetics, dress materials etc. But the display should be symmetrical in all respect to create an eye-soothing beautiful ambience. 

Durability of the Acrylic Risers:

There cannot be any question about the durability of the acrylic risers or plexiglass. It can be used for both indoors and outdoors. In case of outdoor use, during the rainy season, rain water can make harmful effect on the stand or risers of other materials like wood or iron. But the acrylic risers or stands do not get affected in any inclement weather.  Neither it rots nor prone for any dent nor degrade over passage of time.

Clear acrylic risers are easily available nowadays, even through various online platforms.


Acrylic risers are very cheap and are durable. Maximum benefits may be obtained from the display of products on the risers. If a product is placed on the top of a riser and the riser is placed in the prime location of a store, the product will definitely draw the attention of the customers and play a significant role in promotional events of sales and marketing. These placements of the risers will never allow the customers to ignore or overlook the products. Placement of the risers in prime locations will entirely depend on the inner design, layout and colouring of the walls of the showroom or shop. 


Acrylic risers have been occupying an important role in our daily lives through its various applications and expected to continue the same with more and more diversifications in the days to come.

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