Fireworks and dogs: CBD can help ease the irritation

Fireworks and dogs: CBD can help ease the irritation

What is a festive occasion for us humans can often be very anxiety-inducing and scary for dogs! With holidays around the corner, dogs with severe anxiety are intensely triggered. Trying to wrap them in anti-anxiety shirts and keeping them indoors may not be enough to aid their situation. With newer developments to help and relieve dogs of this fear and anxiety, you may want to try effective CBD hemp oil for your pets! As the festivities are on an all-time high, this might be the best way to equip them for the holiday season.

Since CBD oil is safe and all-natural, it is the perfect solution to various canine health issues. It can relieve pain, arthritis and even stop seizures. It is most popularly known for easing and reducing anxiety in dogs. Here is all you may want to know before you start using CBD hemp oil for your dog!

CBD Oil and uses!

Cannabidiol or CBD is produced from cannabis plants. It is a significant contributor to well-being and healing purposes. As it is found in both hemp and marijuana, it is used in various ways and forms. Some of the popular formats are tinctures, oils, edible soft chews, and candies, etc.

The endocannabinoid system in mammals has various cannabinoid receptors. CBD oil is beneficial in relieving these receptors, which are significant in relaying information to the mind. The receptors communicate this information of what one experiences to elicit appropriate responses. As CBD eases the receptors, the commands from receptors are directed towards health and healing, and the triggers reduce gradually.

Once the CBD acts upon the dog’s receptors, the dog is immune to fireworks and can withstand and battle the sounds without feeling terrified of them. They are far more relieved and capable of handling the situation!

CBD oil is the perfect solution as it binds with the receptors, streamlining the communication through the receptors. Their body system learns better immune responses and brings back the body to a balanced state.

Is Cannabis bad for dogs?

Undoubtedly, marijuana and hemp are bad for dogs. People must ensure that they keep their hemp plant or smoke from dogs to the dogs. This precaution is because the psychoactive effects of cannabinoid THC can be harmful to dogs. Here is how! Even though THC and CBD have similarities, they are mainly different.

  • CBD can not make dogs high as THC does!

Consuming CBD in isolation does not have any psychoactive properties that may arise from consuming THC. This safety is why CBD is an all-natural and safe option to choose. In its pure state, a 2017 World Health Organization report considers CBD well-tolerated by animals. It is also safe for their consumption.

  • Hemp does not have any THC

Hemp is a safer option than THC since it does not have any psychoactive effects. Considering it is virtually THC-free, it is not a cause of concern. Additionally, as it is legal in fifty or more states, CBD oil is an effective natural means to treat both- furry friends and humans who take care of them!

How do dogs develop fireworks anxiety?

Although not every dog is afraid or anxious due to fireworks, some cannot handle any sound of it. This intense fear is due to the noise sensitivities that many dogs have. These are not just limited to fireworks but also extend to other triggers. These triggers are loud music, thunder, or even construction noise. It is safe to presume that noise way above average volume can potentially trigger or worry them.

Lud fireworks, however, can be a trigger for canine-post traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD) and Panic Disorder (PD). In this situation, the immune response is more intense than fear. It can cause a range of consequences like defecation, salivation, urination, vocalization, increased, decreased or unfocused motor activity, freezing, shaking, escape behaviors, and random destruction.

These responses also develop due to a variety of reasons. Either they may have had incredibly traumatizing experiences in their past, and, on the other end of the spectrum, the anxiety may probably be a result of little to no sound exposure in a dog’s entire years. This observation is a significant one to consider as even if they had no exposure to noise, it affects and alters their developmental stages.

How does CBD ease their anxiety and irritation?

Given CBD’s natural effectiveness in easing anxiety, it has become the most popular option for pets and people. It is incredibly and reliably fast-acting and has little to no side effects.

If we look at the source of this fireworks/ noise anxiety for dogs, they tend to feel wary, emotionally distressed, and feel a loss of control over their surroundings. In response to these threats or triggers, the brain releases stress hormones that may lead to an intense immune response. Such a response is often more overpowering than words of affection or comfort and relaxing cuddles or even holding them close.

CBD oil, therefore, restores their chemical or hormonal balance and alleviates anxiety or fear. Many dog owners observe that CBD oil makes them calm and works towards fear alleviation, making them capable of coping with any emotions.

We advise you to feed your dog the recommended dosage in the specific packaging fifteen to twenty minutes before you expect fireworks to begin. Since it is quick, the results can be visible in a short period. The dosage recommendations vary based on the brand and medium of intake, like an edible treat or a tincture.

If it is the first time, please opt for a low dose and increase as/when you see results. It is also good to test the oil on your dog, even before a stressful event has occurred. This preparation may give you a sense of how to go about the perfect dose.

You may also be relieved of overdosing as studies are beginning to reflect that overdosing on CBD is near impossible. Even if you accidentally happen to give more than you had intended, the chance of having any adverse effects are low.

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