Fuel Pressure Regulator — Those black Smokey clouds from your car are worrisome!

Fuel Pressure Regulator — Those black Smokey clouds from your car are worrisome!

Those black Smokey clouds from your car are worrisome!

Imagine driving at your favourite speed and suddenly viewing black smoke in the rear mirror rather than the following vehicles! Of course, the situation is serious. Almost all the drivers riding with you will point out this issue to you. (Imagine the awkwardness!) And in some places, such vehicles are confiscated by the officials as well. (If the car is very old). So, instead of facing so many issues, won’t it be great if you can prevent them by knowing the reasons leading to these?

Ø  Reasons your car emits black smoke from the exhaust!

Though any coloured heavy smoke coming out from your car’s exhaust is troublesome, but if the shade is black, consider it a red flag! Better check these factors in your vehicle to understand the problem at the earliest and find the best solution.

o   Damaged fuel pressure regulator— Be it because of ageing or due to careless driving or accident, if your fuel pressure regulator gets damaged, the black smoke becomes prevalent in the vehicle. In such a case, you can either visit your car’s doctor for an inspection and a quick repair of this system or simply replace it with a new fuel pressure regulator from QuickBitz. They provide you with the best quality fuel pressure regulators for your car that eliminates these black clouds immediately and even enhances the performance of your vehicle.

o   Damage of fuel injectors — Your fuel injectors ensure that the proper mixture of air and fuel is passed throughout the engine and the vehicle performs perfectly. However, if you are seeing the black smoke coming out of the vehicle, probably it’s damaged and the ideal balance is shaken as well. The combustion of fuel that’s happening because of this damage is creating a nuisance and you have to treat the issue without any further delay.

o   Blocked air filters — The air filters in your car’s engine let the air pass out of the system and keep the temperature of the fuel and the engine normal. But if it’s blocked due to dirt or any other material, the fuel combustion happening within the vehicle leads to the emission of black smoke. Clean your air filters first. If the problem still persists, check if it requires replacement.

o   Deposition of engine residues in the car — After some years of using the vehicle, the engine components do chip out finely because of friction and vibration happening due to the car’s movements. And these settle down on the surface of the engine. And if you aren’t servicing the vehicle once in a while, these components get transported to the combustion chamber. And once here, these contribute to the black smoke coming out from the vehicle. A regular and timely thorough checkup of the vehicle takes care of this issue. And cleaning the combustion chamber is a must.

Whatever might be the reason, the black smoke is coming out from your car. And believe us, if you are ignoring this issue for very long, you’ll face severe problems in the vehicle, and you might have to sell your car as a piece of metal at the cost of peanuts! So, better be forewarned and prepared for the sake of your lovely car!

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