Have a piece of brief information about the CFA level 1 question paper

Have a piece of brief information about the CFA level 1 question paper

The CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) program is a globally recognized professional training program providing a solid foundation of investment analysis, portfolio management skills, combined with the knowledge and reality you will need in today’s investment industry. 

Each year thousands of candidates register and take CFA exams at test centers around the world. To become CFA Charter Holder you must pass 3 exams at levels 1, 2 and 3. Furthermore, you will need to have an additional 4 years of relevant work in the financial investment sector. Finally, you just need to register as a member of the CFA association (follow the association’s professional and ethical standards).

The three levels of the CFA exam reflect the development of financial knowledge – investing from beginner to advanced, specifically going from foundational concepts, to adoption, solving compliance and regulatory situations. portfolio management in practice. Each exam level has its own format and characteristics. This article analyzes the difference between the three levels, so you can have a good idea of ​​what will happen in these 3 exams for the best preparation.

CFA Level 1 exam

  • CFA Level 1 is the only CFA exam level offered 4 times / year (February, May, August, November). 
  • The curriculum provides foundational knowledge and concepts in the field of finance. Level 1 exams test basic knowledge, focusing on investment tools and professional ethical standards. Some questions will require analysis.
  • The CFA Level 1 exam in 2019 uses a final paper-based exam consisting of 240 multiple-choice questions within 6 hours. Since 2021, the test format has been changed to a computer-based test , with the number of multiple-choice questions reduced to 180 questions within 4.5 hours . See more exam schedule and registration deadline here .
  • Each question is independent and is often a suggestive one, such as: “The length of time that the hedge fund must complete the buyback request is called …”
  • CFA Level 1 exam includes 10 study sessions, 57 readings, and 10 topics . 
  • The proportion of subjects in CFA Level 1 exam is: Ethical and Professional Standards (15 – 20%); Quantitative Methods (8 – 12%); Economics (8 – 12%); Financial Reporting and Analysis (13 – 17%); Corporate Finance (8 – 12%); Equity Investments (10 – 12%); Fixed Income (10 – 12%); Derivatives (5 – 8%); Alternative Investments (5 – 8%); Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning (5 – 8%). 

The pass rate for CFA level 1 question paper is the lowest of the three levels ( approximately 43% ). You can find the most recent passing rates here.


There are some similarities between the 3 levels of the CFA exam: The tests cover a number of topics; each exam requires at least 300 hours of study preparation and revision; You may use the same calculator approved by the CFA Institute for each exam. Passing 3 levels, you will own CFA certificate and prestigious CFA Charter holder title, creating a premise to conquer the top of the finance – investment industry.

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