How Can You Design A Successful Storefront Sign?

How Can You Design A Successful Storefront Sign?

The job of successful retail store signs is to entice buyers to check out your store. It should be attractive and gripping to the eyes of a buyer. If it’s not that enticing, then you’ll not only lose customers, but a bit of sale as well.. 

We have been in this signage business for many years now and we know what issues store owners face and the mistakes that they make when designing a storefront sign. That’s why we have created this terrific guide that will help you know the key ingredients that make a successful storefront sign. We sincerely hope you love our recommendations.

The Key Factors That Create A Successful Storefront Sign

  • Ensure That The Sign Is Legible

Before you plan to opt for new shop front signs, you must learn that legibility is the first criteria that you must fulfil to be able to create a successful sign. While you might think that this is obvious and you cannot go wrong, many failing businesses out there use signs that are unusual and have extremely fancy fonts. The sign might look beautiful but will be hard to read for a customer. Therefore, your aim should be to create a sign that’s beautiful as well as easy to read. 

We suggest you follow some of the following tips & tricks to make sure that your sign is legible:

  • The font that you’ll be selecting should be easy to read.
  • Avoid elaborate or fancy fonts. Just keep it simple.
  • The lettering should be well-spaced-out and shouldn’t be too crowded.
  • Don’t overuse capital letters.
  • There should be enough space between the words and the images.

Always Use Colours For A Specific Purpose

The choice of your colour palette in your storefront sign will indeed play a massive role in either failure or success of your sign. Colour tends to have a great impact on customer’s psychology and behaviour. Different colour shades will invoke distinct reactions from customers. 

The red colour will be responsible for stimulating your body and thereby raise your heart rate and blood pressure. The red colour also generates a sense of quickness or urgency, which is why it should be reserved for sale signs. It’s also used in fast-food restaurants, making you hungry. 

The blue colour provides a sense of security, peace and reliability. If you want to have a conservative brand, it’s a good colour to promote. On the other hand, green is a very relaxing colour and generates a feeling of harmony. The colours orange & yellow provide a sense of optimism. And lastly, the black colour showcases power, authority, strength & stability. 

Thus, ensure that you follow our aforementioned suggestions and you’ll be good to go. 

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