How do I protect my Server Room from Fire?

How do I protect my Server Room from Fire?

Server rooms are the backbones of businesses and companies as all the important information, data, and records are saved in the server rooms.

Losing a server room to fire or some other hazardous condition is like losing all the information that you have in your server room.

Is your server room a fire risk?

Server rooms are comprised of hundreds of computer units, telecommunication operations, which store hundreds of files of data that is crucial for a business or company to run.

Are our server rooms vulnerable to fire emergencies? Well, Yes. Fire rooms are a big hazard and major fire risk, and your server rooms need Protection of rooms from fire to save all those computers and ultimately all that data.

In this article, we will discuss the different causes of fire emergencies in fire emergencies and how to protect the server rooms from fire hazards.

Common Causes of Server Room Fires

Electrical Equipment Failure

There are some common problems associated with electrical failures of equipment that are overlooked, and the most common among them is the overloading of plug sockets. It leads to short-circuiting and major hazards ultimately.

Overheating of Electronics

Rooms that lack proper ventilation and cooling systems are prone to overheat, which in result leads to ignition and eventually fire emergencies.

Subfloor Wiring Problems

If the subfloors’ wiring is not strong enough, the chances for fire ignition and emergencies increase significantly in the area.

Steps to Manage the Risk

Fire Risk Assessment

Whenever a business or company is planning of designing a server room, it is important to run the fire risk assessment in the area to rule out potential fire risks.

Any change or upgrade in the server rooms requires an upgrade in the fire risk assessment so that everything is under control.

Regular Inspections

Regular inspections are crucial and should be performed regularly by third-party fire protection and risk assessment teams as well as by the employees.

All the fires need to get checked for cracks and if they are worn or damaged. Power supply to the server rooms needs regular checkups too.

Keep Equipment Cool

Overheating is one of the major fire risks in the server rooms. You can eradicate this risk by keeping your equipment cool and your server rooms highly ventilated.

The best way to get rid of this potential fire risk is to install equipment cooling systems in your server rooms and to keep upgrading them on regular basis.

Fire Detection and Fire Fighting Equipment

It is very necessary to install good fire detection and firefighting equipment in your server rooms in order to decrease the risk for fire emergencies in these highly vulnerable places.

Clean Agent Fire Suppression systems are the best when it comes to the protection of the computers in the server rooms, and the system leaves behind no residue to cause additional damage to the equipment.

These were some of the ways to protect your server rooms from potential fire emergencies, as they are an important part of your business!

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