How long it takes to complete ACCA course?

How long it takes to complete ACCA course?

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is the fastest-growing international professional accounting body based in the United Kingdom. This accounting body provides the ACCA affiliation to aspiring Registered Auditors. The ACCA course is a globally recognised programme that opens doors to a successful accountancy career. It takes around two years to complete the ACCA course if students have prior work experience of at least three years in the relevant field. However, students have a maximum of 10 years to finish their coursework. Students can also take up the programme both full-time or part-time, whatever is best for them. After completing the ACCA course, students can work across various industries globally.

An introduction to ACCA course

The ACCA course is considered one of the prestigious qualifications that opens broad career prospects in different sectors, such as banking, management, and consultancy. The ACCA course is a perfect way to start a career in Accounting or Finance. The programme provides a deep understanding of the area, focusing on taxation, auditing, account handling, and management accounting. Additionally, the programme allows aspirants to pursue it along with their graduation.

As it is a widely renowned international certification, passing ACCA is even more challenging. According to pass rates announced by the ACCA for its latest exam sitting for March 2021, more than 92,000 students from across the world appeared for 112,000 exams. However, out of 92,000, only 3,440 students finished their final examinations to get ACCA affiliation. Therefore, students are required to gain in-depth knowledge of exam structure, syllabus and prepare strictly with the help of previous years’ question papers.

ACCA syllabus

The ACCA syllabus consists of 13 examinations, divided into three stages. Let us understand the syllabus comprehensively.

  1. The Applied Knowledge stage- Business and Technology, Management Accounting and Financial Accounting
  2. The Applied Skills stage- Corporate and Business Law, Taxation, Financial Reporting, Audit and Assurance and Financial Management
  3. The Strategic Professional stage- Strategic Business Leader, Strategic Business Reporting, Advanced Financial Management, Advanced Performance Management, Advanced Taxation, Advanced Audit and Assurance

The first stage contains three exams. The second stage includes six exams and the third stage also has six exams in which two are essentials while four are optional.

Eligibility requirements for ACCA course

  • Students considering to pursue the ACCA course must have two A levels and three GCSE or equivalent in five different subjects. These subjects must include English and Mathematics.
  • Proficiency in the English language is a must for students willing to take up the ACCA course.
  • Students must be 18 or above.

Notably, students belonging to a non-finance background can also appear for the ACCA examination.

What are the potential career options after completing ACCA course?

We have prepared a list of some prominent roles performed by ACCA members across various industries worldwide.

  1. Auditor
  2. Management Accountant
  3. Forensic Accountant
  4. Internal Auditor
  5. Financial Controller
  6. Tax Accountant
  7. Risk Manager
  8. Financial Analyst
  9. Treasurer
  10. Financial Analyst

So, leap ahead in your career and make yourself more employable globally just by signing up for the ACCA course in London’s business schools right away!

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