How to Calculate the Perimeter of the Triangles?

How to Calculate the Perimeter of the Triangles?

Mathematics has been a critical subject for many students throughout their student lives. The scenario becomes difficult when it comes to children. A child can succeed in his education if he has clear concepts of the subjects. It can only happen if the child has a strong subject foundation.

Mathematics is a subject that demands a clear concept and logic. Solving mere numbers will not help the children to have essential ideas infused in their minds. Although mathematics has several portions, the mensuration portion is something that requires concentration and dedication. This area of mathematics deals with solving sums like finding the perimeter of the triangle.

An Example from Practical Life Can Help

Suppose your child is trying to put a fence around the triangular playground near your house. The first thing to do is that your child should know the exact dimensions of the playground. It is only after having the dimensions your child can bring adequate materials for putting up the fence.

However, you can help your child by making him understand the concept of perimeter. Tell your child to measure the lengths of each side of the playground. Then by adding each side of the ground, your child can perceive the concept of perimeter.

A More Professional Definition

To be more precise, it is essential to give a mathematical definition. No one can establish it best other than Cuemath. It will give your child a complete picture of the perimeter of the triangle concept with ample examples from real life.

The perimeter of a triangle refers to the sum of its sides. It is the two-dimensional figure that gives the length of the sides. Apart from you, Cuemath can quench the thirst by answering some of the frequent questions that cross the minds while learning.

Some of the Frequent Questions Are

The Actual Formula– Knowing the formula is essential while solving perimeter-related problems. There is a simple formula that gives the result for the perimeter of the triangle. If you consider the three sides of the park to be A, B, and C, the perimeter formula will come to A+B+C units.

An Equilateral Triangle- Triangles can be of several types depending on their dimensions. One such triangle is equilateral. It is a type of triangle that has all three sides of equal measurements. It is interesting to find the perimeter of an equilateral triangle. It has nothing to do with the formula. Knowing the length of one side of the triangle can help you find out the perimeter by simply multiplying it by three.

A Special Triangle- Many children may come up with the question of having an equal area and perimeter of a triangle. The children should not get confused if they find out a triangle having the same area and perimeter. However, these are the special situations, where such figures are called the equable shapes.

Increasing the Difficulty Level- Cuemath brings out the mathematical concepts alive in front of children. After the children learn to cross the primitive hurdles of perimeter-related sums, they can opt for some more by applying the Pythagorean Theorem. It is in the case of a right-angle triangle. They can find the dimension of one side, say B of a right-angle triangle named ABC, applying the formula of H2 == P2 + B2. The H represents the height of the triangle, while P and B represent the perpendicular and base of the triangle.

Triangle with Coordinates– You can also find the perimeter of a triangle having coordinates using the distance formula. First, you need to find the lengths of the triangle using the distance formula followed by adding up the values of other sides.

Cuemath serves as the ultimate solution to all the mathematical problems of your child. Moreover, you can download several mock question papers as practice sets. It will help to put your child under proper practice and help him excel.

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