How to Get More Instagram Followers: 11 Great Tips

How to Get More Instagram Followers: 11 Great Tips

Over 1 billion people use Instagram every month. In fact, the average user spends about 30 minutes a day on the app. Over 80% of people use Instagram to research products and services, too.

In fact, about 50% of people visit a website to make a purchase after seeing offerings on Instagram.

Without a strong following on Instagram, however, you could struggle to reach your audience online. Here are 11 tips that can help you learn how to get more Instagram followers. With these tips for using Instagram, you can boost your visibility and reach.

As you start building brand awareness and recognition, you can draw more people to your website. Then, you can boost leads and sales with ease.

Set your business up for growth and success this year. Learn how to use Instagram to gain a following with these tips today.

  1. Adjust Your Bio

If you want to learn how to get more Instagram followers, start with your bio.

You only have 150 characters to make a strong first impression. Make them count! Your Instagram bio is a chance to tell consumers:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • What action you want them to take on your profile

Optimize your Instagram bio by starting with a clear description. Help consumers recognize your brand’s distinct value. Add touches of your brand personality, too.

Then, add a clear call to action to your bio. For example, you can send them to your website to read more. You can encourage them to shop or contact you, too.

Then, include a link that’s relevant to your call to action.

It’s important to note that your bio is the only place you can add a clickable link on Instagram. Choose the link you use wisely. Instead of sending people to your homepage, choose a product page instead.

You can also use link-in-bio tools like Shop Grid to share a catalog of different links.

Some businesses change their links regularly to reflect recent posts. Make sure the link you choose is relevant and helpful.

You can also add a branded hashtag to your profile. A branded hashtag could help consumers find posts relevant to your business.

  1. Review Your Insights

As you start using these Instagram tips, take a moment to review your insights. Reviewing your Instagram insights can help you understand your successes. You might spot a few shortcomings, too.

First, take a look at your audience demographics. Consider the age and gender your customers fall under. Reviewing their demographics can help you create content with your target audience in mind.

Consider when you’re posting, too. Look at the day and time to determine when your followers are most active. Then, start posting around those times.

Consider experimenting with different post times. Then, track the engagement. You might find your followers are more active at a later hour.

You can start posting at that time more often to boost engagement further.

Make sure to review your analytics regularly to find more helpful insights.

  1. Experiment With Content

If you want to use these Instagram ideas effectively, consider your content marketing strategy.

First, make sure you’re creating unique, eye-catching posts. Otherwise, your posts could fade into the background.

Make an effort to post consistently. You might want to start with posting at least once a day. Posting regularly can help you build brand awareness.

Avoid posting too often, though. Posting more than once a day could annoy your audience. They might decide to unfollow you.

Try creating different posts, too. You’re no longer limited to still images. You can also use Stories, Reels, and animations.

There are over 500 million active daily Instagram story users. In fact, about 70% of users watch stories daily. About 36% of businesses use stories to promote their products, too.

Meanwhile, 25% of Gen Z and Millennials use stories to find products and services. Stories are viewed by 59% of Millennials and 70% of Gen Z.

Use eye-catching video content to draw people to your product or service. Then, encourage them to swipe up in your Stories. You can direct consumers to a product page on your website, allowing them to shop immediately.


As you start creating content and using these Instagram ideas, it’s important to consider your brand.

First, make sure to find your brand voice. Create content that suits your distinct brand (not someone else’s). Remain authentic to your business.

Brand authenticity and transparency could encourage consumers to trust you.

Try creating more behind-the-scenes content or live videos this year. You don’t have to create super-polished videos. Off-the-cuff content could help you look more authentic.

Authenticity could help more customers trust your brand. Then, you can gain new followers and maintain brand loyalty. Retaining loyal customers could increase repeat sales, boosting your ROI.

  1. Write Strong Captions

As you start using Instagram to gain a following, consider the captions you’re writing.

First, make sure your captions suit your brand voice and tone. Then, add keywords in your captions. Using the right keywords could help you appear in search results.

You only have 2,200 characters for each caption. You don’t have to make your captions look like a blog post, though. Instead, focus on quality over quantity.

Make sure your captions suit the content. Then, add a call to action encouraging consumers to take action. For example, you can encourage people to follow your account for more helpful tips!

  1. Use the Right Hashtags

As you start writing your captions, consider the hashtags you’ll use, too.

Using the right hashtags will expand your reach on Instagram. You could appear in front of potential followers as a result. Otherwise, consumers might struggle to find your content.

Use Instagram tools like AutoHash or Display Purposes to find relevant hashtags for your posts.

Make a list of your favorite hashtags. Avoid using broad hashtags that aren’t relevant to your posts, too.

Though you can use 30 hashtags per post, consider limiting yourself to nine instead. Use different hashtags with each post to expand your reach.

  1. Keep Engaging

If you want to learn how to get more Instagram followers this year, work on engaging your audience.

Use social listening to determine when people are mentioning your brand. Track your comments, too. Then, start responding to your audience.

Let your audience know you’re available to help or answer their questions. Your quick response times could improve your customer service. Consumers might decide to follow you as a result.

  1. Collaborate

You don’t have to use these Instagram ideas alone. Instead, consider collaborating with others online. Creating an influencer marketing campaign could expand your reach.

Find an influencer who already has a strong following on Instagram. Make sure they’re connected to your target audience. Then, ask them to promote your product or service.

Nearly 90% of marketers believe influencer marketing is effective. In fact, 96% say Instagram is their preferred platform for influencer partnerships.

You can also use user-generated content (UGC). Show off pictures of people using your product or service. Consumers might trust your brand if people like them trust you already.

  1. Link to Your Account

You can generate more followers on Instagram by helping people find your account.

Link to your Instagram account on your:

  • Website’s footer or sidebar
  • Email footer
  • Bio on other social media platforms

Ask your employees to help, too. If they post a photo relevant to your business, ask them to tag your account. Their followers will see your account on the post.

Then, you can draw more people to your Instagram profile, giving you a chance to reach more potential followers.

  1. Host a Contest

Consider hosting a contest this year. First, make sure you’re offering a prize people want. Otherwise, they might not want to participate.

Then, encourage people to tag their friends in the post as a submission. Their friends will see the notification and check out the post. Tell them they have to follow you to participate in the contest.

You can gain more followers and expand your reach online.

  1. Use a Scheduler

As you start using these Instagram tips, try to make life easier on yourself. Consider using a post scheduler. You can schedule your posts in advance, freeing up more time to engage your audience.

Make time in your day to respond to any comments you receive.

You’ll have more time to use these Instagram ideas if you don’t have to post manually every day.

  1. Analyze and Adjust

Once you start using these Instagram tips, make sure to review your data.

Determine which posts are helping you generate the most engagement. Consider the day and time you posted, too. Then, use your data to make more informed decisions in the future.

Keep up with trends, too. You can read up on the future of instagram here.

You could discover how to get more Instagram followers by adjusting your marketing strategy or directly by buying followers on Instagram

How to Get More Instagram Followers: 11 Tips for Staying Social

Don’t fade into the background online. Instead, use these tips to learn how to get more Instagram followers. With these tips, you can remain relevant and draw a loyal following.

Learn how to use Instagram with these 11 tips today.

Searching for more helpful tips and tricks? You’ve come to the right place.

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