How to Remove Thermal Paste?

How to Remove Thermal Paste?

Thermal Paste is the chemical compound which is used in high power semiconductor devices. When the thermal paste of the computers or laptops ends, then the CPU of the computer starts to heat up. This Thermal Paste helps to protect the laptops from overheating. If your computer and laptop starts to heat up, then remove the Thermal Paste from your computer or laptop. After you remove the Thermal Paste from your laptop and computer, place new Thermal Paste on it to avoid the overheating of these semiconductor devices.

Precautions while removing Thermal Paste from Computers and Laptops

If you are removing Thermal Paste from Computers and Laptops make sure that you are taking all the precautions to keep yourself safe.

  • Before removing Thermal Paste from Computers and Laptops firstly shut down your computers or laptops.
  • Also take the battery off from the laptop while doing this process.
  • Also remove all the devices and cords which are connected with your computer.
  • At least 10 seconds press the power button of the laptops. This will shut down the laptop completely and will help to release all the energy which is still available in the laptop.
  • Make sure that you are wearing the gloves while removing Thermal Paste from laptops and Computer and the area where you are removing Thermal paste is dust free.

Process of removing Thermal Paste from laptops

Thermal paste is very important for the computers. Without it firstly your laptop starts heating up and then it leads to some serious issues like it will also make the battery of your laptop useless. So, if you are facing the issue of heating your laptop then remove the Thermal Paste and get rid from this problem as soon as possible.

To remove the Thermal Paste from your laptop don’t forget to wear the gloves. Now remove the heat sink vents outside the laptop and clean the dust off it with the help of a small brush. After that remove the old Thermal Paste slowly with the help of the plastic sponger. Now take a towel and put some drops of Alcohol on it. Rub the towel slowly on that part from which you removed the Thermal Paste with the help of sponger. After cleaning this, also clean the processor with the same method. Now wait until the processor dries completely.

After it dry completely, apply new Thermal Paste on the processor and with the help of your fingers spread this Thermal Paste all over the processor.

After applying Thermal Paste on the processor, finally it’s time to put the heat sink back on the computer. Now your laptop is ready for use. But check your laptop time to time and make sure that it is not overheated.

This way you can remove the Thermal Paste of your laptop and replace it with the new one. Thermal paste has its own importance in the laptops. Check from time to time that your laptops and computers are not heated from below. If this happens then without wasting any time manage to remove the Thermal Paste.

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