How To Restore A Faux Wig: Expert Advice

How To Restore A Faux Wig: Expert Advice

Over time, even high-quality artificial wig loses its former attractiveness- the end begins to get tangled and exfoliate, the volume decreases, the curls gradually dissolve. Some will not bother and go to the store for a new wig or straight hair with closure, but most will be puzzled by the question “how to restore a fake wig?” And here our article will come to your aid, in which we will tell you in detail, step by step, how to resurrect a wig from artificial hair, return it to its former smoothness and attractiveness.

Two Key rules for caring for a synthetic wig

  1. Do not be lazy! Wash the wig as it gets dirty. Professionals advise to do this after 12 uses, but it is better to independently assess the degree of contamination.  If the curls have lost their original color, a large amount of dust and cosmetics has accumulated on them it’s time to start washing.
  2. Do not overdo it! Kanekalon and modacrylic wigs should not be heat treated, as high temperatures damage the fiber structures. But thermal fiber wigs are allowed to drive with a hairdryer, curl with a curling iron straightens with an iron. But! You should not overdo it either- it is necessary to strictly observe the temperature regime and not exceed the exposure temperature specified in the product passport.
  • Resuscitation of artificial hair straight bundles with closure begins with thorough washing. Before soaking, it is better to comb the strands if possible. if they are very tangled then this procedure should be carried out after washing.
  • For washing you need warm water preferably boiled or with a spoonful of soda. You need to add 1-2 tablespoons of shampoo to it, it is better for colored hair.
  • Dip the product in soapy water and let sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Then it remains to rinse it under running water at room temperature. The pressure should be in the direction from the roots to the tips. There is no need to vigorously rub the fibers twist and tug.
  • To restore color brightness to hair, you can apply a tint balm, and then rinse it thoroughly under running water. Lubricate the fluffy end with hair oil- this will make them softer and more manageable, giving your hair a natural look.
  • Now dilute the fabric softener and some water in a bowl. It is worth holding the wig in this mixture for 1-2 hours, and then take it out, squeeze it out a little and, without rinsing, spread it on a dry towel to dry.
  • After 2-3 hours, when the hair is dry, you can start brushing. This must be done very carefully and move slowly. The procedure can take an hour or even two. If nodules are found, they can be cut with nail scissors. The bangs are combed last.
  • After the curls are put in order, it is worth shaking the wig, putting it on the head or a pig and giving the hair the desired shape.
  • If the wig is made of thermal fiber you can curl it with a curling iron or hot curler. Kanekalon wigs should not be exposed to high temperatures but this is not required. These products have a “memory” effect and after stripping they always return to their original shape.

 If the condition of a wig is very poor

In this case, we recommend using the proven method of restoring artificial hair, the essence of which is prolonged soaking in Lenor conditioner. You can also use a cheaper balm or household fabric softener. So, we begin the resuscitation of the water wave bundles with closure, which has lost its decent look:

  1. Pour Lenor or any other conditioner into a bowl. It can be diluted with 1-2 cup of warm boiled water. Soak the wig in this solution and let it sit for 4 hours.
  2. After 4 hours, remove the products from the Lenor solution and let it dry. Do not rinse and rinse! It is enough to put it on a towel and leave it alone for a few hours.
  3. When the hair is dry, start brushing. To do this, use a wide-toothed comb. To avoid damaging your curls, divide them into small sections and comb gently, starting at the end and working your way towards the base.
  4. If the tips are very tangled and look like a washcloth, scissors will help to correct the situation. The ends after such a haircut do not look very aesthetically pleasing, especially if you do not have a hairdressing talent. Therefore, we recommend using a thinning razor.
  5. It remains only to return the smoothness to the strands and here and iron will come to the rescue, or, in extreme cases, an ordinary iron. The main thing is to be very careful with synthetic wigs, since these materials are based on algae and the fibers will simply collapse under the influence of high temperature. You need to iron the strands through a dense cotton fabric, at a minimum temperature, without steam.

After the procedure, the artificial hair straight bundles with closure get rid of fluffiness at the end and acquire a well groomed appearance.

What about natural big?

The question “how to restore a wig made from natural hair?” rarely occurs. Although such products are more expensive than artificial ones, they serve more than 3 years without losing their original beauty. If you properly care for a natural wig- comb it carefully, dry it away from sunlight and heat sources- then complex manipulations to restore it will not be required.

 The advantage of natural hair is that it can be curled and straightened as well. To give volume and shape, it is allowed to use hot rollers curling iron, and if you want to change the color it is enough to give the curls in the desired shape.

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