Installing Large Format Tiles? Know These Essential Tools

Installing Large Format Tiles? Know These Essential Tools

In recent years, large format tiles have grown not only in terms of popularity but also in terms of customer choices. More homeowners nowadays are opting for expansive, large tiles for their homes, even for applications where normal-sized tiles would have simply sufficed.

Thus, it has given rise to a whole new market for tile buyers around the world. Using bigger-sized tiles has its advantages, the primary one being the quantity required to fill-up any room or building. So, if you’re totally on-board with the large format tiles trend, then it’s essential that you also learn about the most significant tools that are needed for the installation of large-format tiles.

The Vital Tools That Are Required For Installing Large Format Tiles

  1. Leveling System

Professional tiling auckland services states that the bigger the size of the tile, the greater will be the overall variations in the flatness. While such a feature doesn’t pose any problem in smaller tiles, it can pose a significant issue when installing large format tiles because the variations will be more apparent when one corner of the tile will be higher than its adjacent one.

Such a feature is known as ‘lipping’. Therefore, to minimise the impact of such a feature, it’s recommended that you use a proper levelling system for the same. Such a tool will ensure that you can get the large format tiles placed nice and easy, without any major issues.

  1. Proper Suction Pads

There’s no denying that handling large format tiles is not easy. It’s a challenging and risky procedure because if precautions are not taken, accidents may happen. That’s why it’s suggested that you invest in some proper suction pads for the same.

Suction pads are considered to be a great handy device because you can not only carry tiles using them but also items such as glaciers and glass pieces. Using them is simple as you just need to attach the suction pads onto the surface and you’ll be done. Once done, you need to pick up the tiles using the handles attached to the suction pads. Such a procedure will minimise any breakage and allow safe lifting up of the tiles.

  1. Profile Gauge

When tiles are placed inside a room, they need to be ideally manoeuvred and fitted around certain obstacles such as door frames. Therefore, to make your tile fitting process easier, it’s highly advisable to opt for a profile gauge. The profile gauge acts as a template tool so that you can easily cut out tiles to fit inside tight spaces.

Even though you can carry out the aforementioned procedure using paper templates, but using a profile gauge is recommended for its seamlessness.

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