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Irina Lachina was born on August 29, 1972 in the Moldovan city of Balti, where her grandparents lived. Parents are actors Oleg Lachin and Svetlana Toma. It was difficult for mom, by virtue of her profession, to pay much attention to her daughter, so her grandparents were mainly involved in her upbringing.

Irina Lachina: “I was born in a house that was designed by my grandparents. Until the age of 14 she lived with them in the city of Balti, in Moldova. I went to school there. But I spent all the holidays with my mother – she took me away, and we traveled to cities and countries. We had a big house where, apart from me and my grandparents, my mother’s sister Falina’s family lived ”.
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When the girl was eight months old, her father, Oleg Lachin, died tragically while traveling along the river in a motor boat. In 2001, her mother remarried the playwright Andrey.

Irina Lachina: “Mom went with me to my grandmother in Balti, and my father stayed at home and once decided to go for a ride on a motor boat. I drove out to the middle of the river. But then a hydrofoil boat suddenly took off at great speed … An absurd death . For the second time in her life, my mother got married only two years ago. The wife’s name, like her father’s, is Andrei, he is a playwright. ”
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In 1979, while still a schoolgirl, Irina Lachina made her film debut, playing a small role in the film “Hello, I have arrived!”.

After leaving school, the future actress took a year to prepare for admission to the university, during which she worked at the post office, in the newspaper and as an editor at a film studio. Having prepared, Irina entered the theater school. Shchukin to the workshop of Alexander Shirvindt, which she graduated with honors in 1993. Then Lachina worked at the Taganka Theater and at Sovremennik.

At the age of 18, Lachina married actor Oleg Burdin, whom she met while studying at Pike. On December 18, 1991, the couple had a daughter, Maria.

Irina Lachina: “17 years after the tragedy, a man appeared in my life, who, like my dad, is called Oleg. He looks like my father: he has the same blue eyes and brown hair, he also has Polish blood, and he is also an actor by profession, although he later became involved in theatrical production. Oleg became my husband. We were both born on the 29th. His birthday is my angel day. ”
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In 1991, the actress played the main role in the film “Wandering Stars” by VsevolodShilovsky. After this work, popularity and success came to Irina.

Irina Lachina played in such popular films and TV series as: “Devil’s Symphony” (1994), “French Waltz” (1995), “Company” (1995), “Strawberry” (1997), “In Christ’s Bosom” (1998 ), “Secrets of palace coups. Film 1.Testament of the Emperor “(2000),” Secrets of Palace Revolutions. Film 2.Testament of the Empress “(2000),” Secrets of Palace Revolutions. Film 3. I am the Emperor “(2001),” Maroseyka, 12 “(2000),” Lady Bum “(2001),” Lady Boss “(2001),” Lady Mayor “(2003),” The Best City on Earth “(2003) ), “Gentle Monster” (2004), “Philip’s Bay” (2005), “My strange sister” (2006), “Joke” (2007), “In the Garden of the Lord God (Poland)” (2007), “Weaknesses Strong Woman “(2008),” Heavy Sand “(2008),” Sea Patrol Season 2, Episode 11 “(2009),” Hydraulics “(2010),” White Loading “(2010),” Bear’s Corner “(2010) , “I’ll give myself a miracle” (2010),

A family

Spouse – Oleg Burdin, actor (married in 1990)
Daughter – Maria (12/18/1991)

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