Know how to brand your business through effective banner ads

Know how to brand your business through effective banner ads

Digital display or banner ad has come of age in boosting brand exposure for both B2C and B2C folds. It’s pretty similar to a billboard or TV spot, where digital adverts provide you with a sneak peak of a brand while you’re performing your daily tasks.

  • A banner ad or a web banner is a type of advertisement that you showcase on a web page. A banner ad comprises an image or a multimedia content, which you usually create with Flash. 
  • Banner ads can thus be animated or static, depending on the technology you employ to make them. 
  • All banner ads integrate the same fundamental function. A potential customer clicks on the multimedia object/image on the web page and the internet browser takes the person to the landing page or website of the advertiser.

Some marketers and organizations are sceptical about the effectiveness or purport of banner ads. Actually, most people are so habituated with these banners on web pages that the flaws or positives don’t affect them anymore.

Great for small businesses

With rapid advancement in the advertising media, the production cost has risen as well. While other kinds of advertising can be an uphill task for small businesses, you can use the cheapest method of using a banner ad.

  • Regardless of you outsourcing the banner design and letting digital printing stores in your vicinity do the job for you, a banner ad would still cost less than a radio or TV ad. 
  • It’s always a targeted form of advertising. Regardless of your banner’s location, you’ve a higher chance of drawing potential customers to your business. It doesn’t matter if you display the banner for sponsoring an event or placing it outside your storefront. 
  • A banner ad ensures that you don’t waste too many resources on grounds or people that have no relation with your business. 
  • In addition to being memorable, a banner ad is reusable and sustainable. Whenever people notice your banner, it creates or reinforces your organization’s good image. 
  • Place it in your locale’s high-traffic area and see your customers soar. If your small business likes sponsoring or endorsing local events and shows for more promotion and exposure, your banner will be of prime importance.

In a nutshell

As banner ads give you the leverage of targeting specific customers, you can develop a buyer persona/image to target them. You will see how potential customers become potential leads. 

  • Unlike other advertising forms, banners are cheaper to create, display, and share. You have many types of digital publishing tools and software to create gripping banner ads. 
  • Depending on your corporate goals, you can collaborate with display ad networks for publishing the advertisements. 
  • If your banner ads are visually pleasing, they can attract a large section of online users
  • The most important aspect is increasing brand awareness. As your banner appears on several websites, it amplifies your brand. 
  •  Few organizations use banner ads as a core marketing tool. It makes your company familiar to those who have no idea about your business.
  • Banner ads also alert potential customers or consumers about the awesome products or service you provide.  It directly approaches the human psyche or mental perception.
  •  The banner is like an advertisement on steroids; it’s there on the web page for everyone to see, but if they choose not to act on it, their loss will be your gain. 
  • Banner ads are excellent tools that fuel your business’s profit margins. In addition to being so economical, you can use it as a method of showing or demonstrating your support for an issue. 
  •    With the aid of marketing tools like social media, banner ads can help increase your brand’s name-recognition index. All you need is maintaining the consistency of your banner ads, and you’re good to go.
  • It doesn’t end here, there are a lot of ways to make your banners work for you. You can hire companies that offers advertisement analytics to know the performance of your advertisement or banner. Companies like AdEspresso also provide best practices or guidelines that will help you in creating the best banner ad. The following guidelines will help you in this regard:

The main thing about creating a banner is conveying your message within a few seconds. The audience should get an idea of what you’re promoting and how it can be beneficial for them.

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