Level Up Your Home With A Rooftop: 8 Advantages Of Installing A Roof Deck

Level Up Your Home With A Rooftop: 8 Advantages Of Installing A Roof Deck

If you have a flat roof, here’s an upgrade that will make you stand out from the rest of your pitched roof neighbors: roof decks. Roof decks are a lovely addition to your home, whether you’re using it as a garden, a socializing spot, or just a relaxing haven for breathing in some fresh air.

Planning to take your home to new heights by installing a roof deck? Here are some of the advantages, along with a few considerations when installing your dream home topper.

1. Make the most out of the extra living space

The additional living space is one of the major advantages of having a rooftop deck. No need to worry about expanding your patio — you can have a lovely outdoor space a couple of feet above the ground.

Go ahead and use it for entertainment and socializing purposes. Put a few outdoor furniture pieces in, a pergola or a patio umbrella, string lights, and enjoy the scenery with your family and friends. If your space, budget, and roof material capacity allows, you might want to put a pool in there too.

2. Fulfill your gardening + landscaping dreams

No yard space for growing fruits, vegetables, flowers, and other plants? No problem. Your roof deck got you covered. Rooftop decks can be used as a garden space, taking advantage of full-sun exposure in open areas. You may place a few pots and big planters for growing plant-based food. You may also hire a landscape artist to transform it into a true green space, with deeper soil layers. Think about using Rochester concrete products for your landscape design. Concrete offers a durable and versatile solution for various outdoor elements. Incorporating concrete into your landscape can provide a modern and cohesive look while ensuring long-lasting beauty and functionality.

3. Enjoy remarkable views from above

Whether you live in a bustling concrete jungle or peaceful countryside, the views from above are always breathtaking. Feast your eyes on your surroundings from a bird’s eye view, as well as the faraway sights lined up on the horizon while breathing in fresh, cool air. It’s a lovely place to have your morning coffee and your late-night beers in.

4. They improve the life expectancy of the roof

Since roof replacements and roof repairs aren’t cheap, you might be looking for other ways to avoid such costs. Luckily, having a roof garden can increase the life expectancy of your roof by protecting the underlying roof covering from climatic extremes.

5. Rooftop decks offer fire-resistance and better insulation

Roof decks aren’t just an attractive addition to your humble home — but they can also safeguard you from fire and ridiculously high energy costs.

Decks provide incredible fire resistance. They also have high-quality thermal performance and they provide your roofing system structural support. If you plan to have a roof garden, it can improve the roof’s thermal resistance, reducing your cooling and heating costs.

6. They give your flat roof a slope for drainage

One of the major disadvantages of flat roofs is the lack of drainage. The pooling of water then leads to the roofing material breaking down. They do drain but they’re not as efficient as other roofs with any kind of pitch.

The good thing about installing a roof deck is it creates a slope for drainage and a slope for improved wind-uplift performance.

7. Rooftop decks increase the value of your home

Planning to resell your home or list the property for rent? A roof garden is a valuable amenity that can significantly boost your property value by 10-25%, including its resale or rental values. It provides an additional usable space that can attract potential buyers and renters.

8. Roof decks add a bit of personality to your humble home

Needless to say, a fully-furnished and plant-filled deck on your roof can add personality to your house. It can make your home stand out in your residential area and can give your neighbors something to look up to…literally.

Before you go, check out these considerations and warnings

Having a rooftop deck sounds cool, right? Now that you’re convinced to level up your home with a rooftop garden, we’ll give you a couple of points to ponder:

  • Select the best deck material. Roof decks are usually made from wood but they tend to be more expensive and more difficult to maintain than other options. Tile made from porcelain, granite, slate, and other materials, as well as sandstone, is great too since they’re easier to clean.
  • Check with your local building departments to see if you need to provide permits for installing a rooftop deck.
  • Seek a professional roofer to confirm that your roof is strong enough to support the weight of a deck. On average, the roof needs to be able to support 55 pounds for each square foot of roof. Take into consideration the additional water weight when it rains heavily.
  • Consider the weather in your local area and make sure your roof deck won’t be exposed to harsh conditions that can damage the materials.
  • If you live in an area that rains a lot, install precautions that prevent pooling and leaks. Your deck needs to have a waterproof membrane too.

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