OCR Application- Automated Information And Data Extractor

OCR Application- Automated Information And Data Extractor

In this modern world where manual means of work are being replaced by automated technology.OCR Application is making life much easier and providing pretty much accurate results. businesses are also under immense pressure to automate their manual functioning. Digitization and automation are co-related and play a key role in driving business globally. OCR is capable of performing repetitive tasks that were done manually, thus OCR Application saves cost, time and provides accurate results through extracting data from images or scanned documents.

What is OCR Technology?

Optical character recognition OCR technology has replaced human labor to read, write and extract data through different types of documents whether printed or hand-written. This technology simply extracts the required data from the provided documents and converts them into computer-readable codes. An intelligent ocr system comprises both hardware and software to convert the physical documents into an electronic version. hardware includes scanners by which data is read and software plays its part in processing that data. Other than extracting the information or screening is also playing an effective role to check the customers whether govt or non-government if they violated laws or not.

What is AI-Powered OCR?

OCR applications have been in use since 1990, but their usage was not as effective as it should be to compete in the era of continuously enhancing technology. OCR providers provide business solutions AI-Enhances OCR Applications making them better and improved enough to compete in this digital world. With the use of AI technology, the OCR application is now capable of extracting and retrieving data from any type of document accurately, regardless of what the language is or what the handwriting style is. much more now they AI-powered are also capable of self-learning with human interference.

How does the AI-Powered OCR work?

➔  Preprocessing

Data preprocessing is the most important part to get a valid and accurate result. The data comes in raw form which has to be processed.

Steps include

  • Data cleaning
  • Deskewing
  • Shake reduction and image sharpening
  • Normalization

➔  Data Extraction

Data extraction is the phase where the preprocessing of the data is done and is ready to

be extracted for further usage.

Steps include

  • Segmentation
  • Feature Extraction

➔  Post Processing

At this stage, the AI and ML algorithms are used to extract the text which is well-equipped to extract text having different styles, fonts, and even every type of document electronic or handwritten.

Different Data Formats for Which AI-Based OCR can be used to Extract Data-

●     Structured documents

Structured documents are referred to as the data which is available with the well-defined

templates or formats.text recognition apps using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms extract the data. Moreover, the images of documents are also readable by OCR and can extract data like DOB, Name, etc. applications like OCR document scanners are effective to run on their types of documents.

●     Semi-Structured documents

Semi-structured documents are referred to as documents that don’t have a fixed template and even the placement of different attributes can vary from document to document. Using ocr software these types of documents can be processed and effectively data is extracted as per needs

●     Unstructured documents

The unstructured document does not follow a well-defined pattern like structured or even semi-structured document does. The location of the data like date, name, and address can be placed anywhere in the documents just as per the people’s needs. OCR well equipped with AI and ML is able to extract the information with high accuracy.OCR scanner app installed in smart gadget helps us to get the result in no time

AI-Powered ‘OCR for Business’ Solution

OCR providers provide OCR Applications as business solutions. Data processing is one of the most challenging tasks if the business model is designed traditionally. It usually takes lots of time and requires more human resources for manual data collection and processing. As the traditional way of working in most of the business includes the manual processing of that which leads to several re-checks which unfortunately decrease the productivity and extra time is needed to remove the mistakes. To compete with the flow of the modern world OCR Services for business is fruitful for the betterment of the business moreover saving time as well as the capital moreover use of character recognition apps will be a life savior for the business workflow. This can also be done remotely, mobile ocr service makes this process a lot easier and can be done from any mobile having compatibility with services.

OCR Benefits

OCR Compliance is very fruitful for the enhancement of the business while reducing their capital cost as well as their time which they efficiently use other services

  • Reducing manual identification
  • Save human resources
  • Save time and capital cost
  • Boost up the business flow.
  • Ocr screening to identify forged documents.


The digital business aims to be sure of the customer identity and to make the business secure with regulatory requirements should blindly rely on OCR Application. OCR technology is a great business idea that performs digital identity verification and validates the documents to overcome any scam situation.

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