Order Your Own Custom Packaging For Every Size And Shape Products

Order Your Own Custom Packaging For Every Size And Shape Products

We know that you have put in a lot of effort in the product manufacturing process, but what happens when it is ready to be sold in the market? Probably, you have thought about its marketing and branding, but have you thought about packaging? The custom packaging is massively significant in making sure that your manufactured product flies off shelve. There are various parameters that need to be taken into account while you are selecting the product packaging, including safety, size, shape, and so on. We will help you start choosing the packaging with some easy concepts as mentioned in this brief guide.

Diversity in size and shape:

Based on your intended customers, and as per the specifications of the products you are selling, you will need packaging in a wide variety of shapes as well as sizes. You should partner with a wholesale packaging supplier who can meet your specific requirements in this regard. Consider there is a cosmetic brand that has manufactured some items, all of them in different sizes and carrying various shapes. Can one afford to pack them in a box of standard size and shape? No doubt, you can, but it will impact the perceived value of your items negatively. You do not want to pack your items in a loosely packed box that will raise the need to wrap your items with specific packing materials. Identically, every single product requires to be packed in a uniquely shaped box that complements the likings of the target audience. Therefore, be sure to opt for a packaging company that provides you diversity in the size and shape of custom packages.

Check branding and sales appeal:

The days are long gone when a manufacturer could appeal to the target audience and sell their products without branding. These days, a box must have sales appeal as well as carry the branding image of the manufacturers if you wish to procure a sale in the competitive market. Colorful boxes with technical details about the brand and its services are becoming a norm in the industry. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have enlisted the basic knowledge concerning your item on the custom packages with a focus on your brand identity as well. For instance, you can incorporate information like your brand’s story, its values, objectives, slogans, taglines, contact details, etc. Ensure that the packaging supplier you are partnering with offers a custom printed cardboard box with your brand’s logo printed on it. Try to look more innovative and creative by designing your packaging with striking colors and alluring graphics.

Packaging materials and sustainability:

With the customers becoming more environmentally aware, the war with plastic is becoming more intense. In the purchasing of any product, if there is any plastic component in the packaging, it is discarded instantly by modern-day clients. They are usually concerned about the recyclability and biodegradability of the packages, and based on these two things; they decide to buy or reject a particular product. Do not give them a chance to write off your items from their buying list by employing organically obtained materials in the preparation of packaging boxes. Cardboard and many other packaging materials, such as corrugated cardstock and Kraft stock, all are eco-friendlier materials. Their employment in the manufacturing of custom packages makes them recyclable up to many times. Not just that, such boxes also degrade or decompose quite easily. Therefore, make sure that the custom packages you are selecting are recyclable as well as biodegradable so as to promote your ecological side and influence buying decisions.

Ability to prevent damage:

Whether your products are going to be displayed on the retail shelves or they are being shipped, lifted, or stored in the warehouse, their security remains the top priority of manufacturers. You might be dealing with extremely fragile and sensitive items that can be squished even upon the application of the slightest of pressures or external forces. Therefore, it is imperative for you to design the custom packages in a way that they are able to withstand the abrasive pressures without getting distorted or damaged. They must tolerate the fluctuations in temperature as well as provide resistance against the UV light. Air and moisture are also important factors that need to be taken care of in this regard. Be sure no holes are there in the boxes to let through the passage of air and consider laminating them appropriately so as to resist the harmful effect of moisture.

In a nutshell, there are various other factors as well that needs to be looked at while selecting custom packaging for your items, apart from just size and shape. You should check the branding and sales appeal of the packaging and make sure that it is able enough to protect the integrity of fragile items. Besides, choose flexible materials for your box that make it recyclable and biodegradable in order to win the hearts of customers who have all turned eco-conscious.

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