Oversized Outerwear are Back? Some Fashion Talk

Oversized Outerwear are Back? Some Fashion Talk

Being flawless in fashion is always associated with a size that fits your body like a glove and gives you the ultimate, seamless silhouette.

Whether it is Daphne Bridgerton from the Regency era or Gigi Hadid at the Milan Fashion Week, each era has glorified the skinny fit to the extent that it has become a ridiculous norm.

The consistent use of custom fits and skin-hugging silhouettes, especially in post-modern fashion, has evoked a severe sense of insecurity and unpleasant thoughts in consumers’ minds belonging to every geographic location and age cohort. The unhealthy obsession with an hourglass figure, the willowing long legs and hair has left many in the clasps of eating disorders and mental illnesses.

Under such trying times, we have observed a trend that enters the fashion world time and time again to spread delight everywhere. Yes, you’re correct. We are talking about the oversized sweaters.

Now is the time to bring the oversized sweater out from the back of the closet. The once dreaded piece in the fashion chronicles is being celebrated today, as the world gets more inclusive of size and body shape.

Let’s take a minute to commend the greatness of the oversized sweater and bless it for its significant role in embracing comfort in fashion and style books. Let’s hop on the fashion parade and celebrate the joys of baggy clothes and their aesthetic values.

Why sizing up matters?

Wearing a blouse two sizes too small was a popular fad in the previous decades. But since time changes fashion, here we are commenting on the trend of sizing up. The biased views on femininity and fashion have always stood in the way for women trying to be comfortable in their skin.

After countless years of wait and efforts, the stereotypes of a tomboy and matronly looks have fallen off the female shoulders. The only key to looking attractive in a dress that is a few sizes up is to wear an outfit that looks stylish and sophisticated. The goal is to carry your confidence on the coat instead of curling up like a russet potato in a woolen sock.

For instance, when dealing with an oversized sweater or plus size leather jacketthe key is to keep the bottoms slim. Pairing the plus-sized piece with fitted trousers or stockings, tights, or leather pants will help balance out the silhouette a little better.

Your big outfit can look as chic and stylish as you want. It is a trend that is often observed on runways and high-end designers featured on glossy-paged magazines. From Moschino to Gucci, Chloe to Balenciaga, each brand has had its fair share of plus-sized moments that have made headlines in the past. What was considered a moment of bravado in the yesteryears is a popular trend in the 2020s.

Designers have been committed to the cause of oversized clothing looking charming and sophisticated instead of being the sloppy pieces no one pays attention to. The sudden outburst of demand has pushed design houses to experiment with different fabrics, and variant cuts to ensure that each type of body and shape receives equal attention in the retail market.

The inclusive practices in fashion may be limited to a few brands only, but as an initiative worth mentioning.

How to get the oversized look?

To get the right oversized look, there are a few essential items that you must have in your closet. Whether you stick strictly to the oversized sweater or try other tops a few sizes up is ultimately your choice. Just remember that you should pick the clothes that leave you comfortable and cozy.

Winter in 2021 is not the season for dumbing down your comfort instinct in sartorial choices. A little cough and touch of flu, and you could be down with the COVID-19 symptoms. Keep yourself covered, is all that we mean to say!

As far as tops are concerned, you can choose slouchy tee-shirts, plaid buffalo ponchos, chunky sweaters, puffer jackets, oversized blazers or cardigans, and even your boyfriend’s shirts, if you are really up for it! These are multiple options while expanding over a large number of style choices every day. These pieces can be used independently or even layered with other items to enjoy a season worth of new outfits.

If you are an avid follower of Channel or Christopher Kane, then you must have observed the use of large men’s coats for the fall/winter collections. Even Michael Kors and Trussardi have jumped the train and created a couple of neutral numbers that can be used as inspiration for 2021 winters.

Style tips for over-sized clothing

When you decide to star an oversized sweater in your outfit, remember that everything else has to be very subtle. You will need some structure in the outfit and little accessories here and there could work well in tandem with one another. Remember a chunky fur coat must be paired with tights instead of a flared-skirt.

Bigger tops and a thin belt to cinch the waist is a timeless trend you must try. Similarly, choosing a slightly oversized but decently silhouetted piece will help plus-sized women tremendously if they pair it with a slightly fitted bottom.

The Rosetta Stone to fashion is: less is more. That is a principle you must follow while pairing accessories for your oversized extravaganza. Try to opt for a small clutch or tiny crossbody bag that does not drive too much attention.

Simple footwear that avoids the use of bling and chunks would be the ideal choice in this case. Apparently oversized bags, hats, earrings, bags, and watches have all made their appearance in recent years. But everything oversized cannot be worn at once!

Final Thoughts

Oversized outerwear is trendy across all platforms globally. This positive change has raised the hopes for an inclusive future in a fashion where plus-sized women are not stereotyped nor petite women are forced to minimize the portions of their favorite meals to keep up with a fake look.

As fashion gets real, it is time for us all to also embrace the reality of our size and be proud of it. No matter what. Embrace yourself today and always.

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