PetCare – Protection Alert for Cat and Dogs

PetCare – Protection Alert for Cat and Dogs

The basis of pet ownership is proper pet care. It is essential for you to understand your pet needs when you adopt a pet. This will be a part of the lifetime commitment of a furry member that has recently added to your family. Giving the right training to your pet is also a part of proper pet care. Whether you have a cat or dog, treating it well and training it will make them your best partner. If your cat is clawing up your crib or scratching your sofa or mattresses, then it ends with something you are not pleased with. Adding a couch corner protector for cats aside from your sofa armrests can help you to some extent. These protectors will work very well at protecting your furniture and completely turn up your old scratched up sofas.

Just like humans, pets also need food and other nutrients along with obedient training to ensure health and happiness. If you have pets like cats and dogs both at your house, then it would be difficult for you to manage things out between them. These two species see each other as prey, but in many cases, these two pets are also seen as becoming best friends. Here are some tips you can keep in mind that will help you to make these two pets’ best friends.

  • When we talk about the behavior of these two pets, then they are totally different. Sometimes the cat becomes aggressive and ends up destroying your furniture or other things. To protect your furniture, you can opt for a couch corner protector for cats. On the other hand, dogs are physically active and less easily adjust to their owners. Giving right and obedience training to both your pets will help you develop trust between the two. To make your bond even stronger with your dog, you can make him explore the outdoors. You can take him with your campaigning trip with a paws dog backpack. This could be one of the ways to curb his unwanted behavior with cats. You can teach him several commands and improves communication with dogs to develop trust.
  • If you have both pets that are cat and dog that is opposite to each other, then you must allow the interaction between them under your supervision. This will help you to protect both your dog and cat. If you left them alone in the first place when they met, then their aggressive behavior would hurt each of them.
  • We suggest you make some hiding spots for your cats. You can prepare your pets like cats to run and hide at those spots whenever your cats feel threatened. Remember that there should not be any piece of furniture that cats scratch through their paws. If there will be any furniture, you can go for a couch corner protector for cats to protect it.

Typically your cats get to hide under the sofas or behind a bookshelf and on top of window perch. Make sure your dog does not access those spots. You can also prepare for different eating and resting places or spots for each of your pets. It would make a good bond if you let these animals have their own territories as they are both territorial animals.

  • Another way of making a bond between these two animals is to let them accept the scent of each other. They can make the use of both sights and smell senses to access their surroundings. To do this, you can swap their things like towels, paws dog backpack, beddings, and many other things. Place them aside from your pets so that they can adapt to each other scent in no time.
  • The main point you should keep in mind is you should reduce the reaction of dogs towards your cat. Most of the dogs get aggressive when they see a cat. It could make the cat feel uneasy. So, to avoid this type of situation, you need to add a baby gate between both your pets. It will allow them to see each other, but they cannot feel uneasy. If you notice that your dog pet gets too fixated with the gate, then you can divert its attention. You can take it outside to play or make it walk in the park with its essentials carried in a paws dog backpack. Through this, your pets will ease their minds and do not overreact by seeing each other. It also makes your dog familiar with cat presence, and it probably loses interest in hurting your cat.
  • If you make them meet, and your cat tends to run away, then let her go. This clearly means that your cat is not interested in meeting a new pet. You should give some time to make your cat ready for interaction. Try not to force each other as it would lead to negative outcomes.


Every animal has some different sense of reaction. Some tend to interact with each other while some like cats and dogs are just like prey to each other. If you want to keep both these animals as your pet, then you should follow these tips that are mentioned in this blog. These tips would help you to make these pets friends and show positive behavior in them. Visit- Paws and Whiskers

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