QlikView vs Qlik Sense: The Ultimate Showdown

QlikView vs Qlik Sense: The Ultimate Showdown

There’s a reason why the research analyst job field is expected to increase by 25% over the next ten years. These days a business can’t thrive unless they have some form of data analytics.

And, anyone who knows data analytics knows that QlikView helped revolutionize the way we approach business intelligence two decades ago. However, at that time Qlik also introduced Qlik Sense.

This new architecture created a whole new world of possibilities for data analytics. If you want to get into data analytics for your business, then you might be wondering which is right for you: QlikView vs. Qlik Sense. Luckily, we’ve made this guide to help you decide once and for all.

Features and Function of QlikView

Let’s begin with the classic QlikView. This product allows you to address problems that face your business analytical apps and dashboards. Best of all, it does it without the help of clunky stack technology.

So, what features come with the QlikView? The first is freeform associative exploration, which allows you to search through data found all over the world. It also offers you dashboarding/guided analytics.

This allows you to craft solutions and presentations for whatever problem you’re facing. Advanced data prep gives you the ability to compile this data into meaningful figures for whoever needs to see them.

Features and Function of Qlik Sense

Now that we know more about the meat and potatoes that come with QlikView, we can explore the modern architecture that comes with Qlik Sense. In addition to all the features that come with QlikView, Qlik Senses adds the following features:

  • Augmented AI
  • Governed self-service analytics
  • Visual data prep
  • Open APIs on multiple platforms
  • Offline mobile
  • SaaS/Multi-clouds

So, not only does Qlik Sense give you access to insights that you might miss on QlikView, but it’s also more user-friendly. This is thanks to the AI assistant feature that comes with it. As such, it’s a better choice for executives and staff that want to create a more data literate workforce.

Not to mention the freedom that comes with getting to choose the enterprise SaaS or cloud platform of your choice. For a full resource on the differences between the two products make sure to check out this article on Qlik View and Qlik Sense.

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We hope this article helped you decide which is right for you: QlikView vs. Qlik Sense. Ultimately, the right choice depends on what you want out of a data analytic product.

If you want a basic, by-the-books product, then you can’t go wrong with the original QlikView. However, if you want to uncover the full range of insights into your business, then you’re better off with Qlik Sense.


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