Several Ways to Grow A Youtube Channel For A Video Animator

Several Ways to Grow A Youtube Channel For A Video Animator

As there are numerous videos uploaded on YouTube on daily basis, growing your channel can be difficult. But it would be great to know that around 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube on regular basis. This thing can give us aspiration that we can expand our network. This can be possible using the correct tools and approach.

In this blog, we will be enlightening the approaches which can be used to grow a YouTube channel. Following are some several ways:

Be An Effective Commentator: 

Commenting regularly should be strong. By dropping attractive comments can lead the way too many likes from people worldwide. Try to comment more on the videos which provide the content on video animation services for clients. Most viewers might desire to see audience comments, so for this, these steps can be monitored.

  • Make a catalogue of around fifteen YouTube networks with almost thousands of subscribers.
  • You need to subscribe to them and activate notifications.
  • Passionately drop appealing comments, through which you can get the attention of viewers.

Make Sure You Have A Branded Profile On Youtube: 

In YouTube advertisements, branding can be pivotal. But still, YouTube gives you chances to grow your channel through your character, affection, expertise, capability, purpose, and objective. Branding is essentially the look, appearance, and attributes that set your channel aside from the various channels. Your branding should be straightforward, efficient, understandable, distinct, and indicative.

For Any Youtube Video You Upload, Study Three Hashtag Keywords: 

Hashtags can be supreme, that is the main thing to apprise the audience about your video. If more than three hashtags will be added, then YouTube will automatically add the first three hashtags. So, assure that the first three you pick should be relevant to your video.


The message of your video which needs to be communicated to viewers must be passed on to your YouTube thumbnail. These are the most important thing to consider. Viewers might look at some video thumbnails before even clicking or watching. Thumbnails should be eye-catching to attract viewers.

Try To Move The Audience To Your Next Video: 

Most of the YouTubers ask for likes, comments, and subscriptions at the end of the video. That is functional but you need them to visit your other videos. A better option would be creating a sequence of YouTube videos. If a viewer is viewing your video and after watching the viewer closes the tab of YouTube, this will result in the negativity of the video production and accomplishment. Create videos that are attractive to viewers along with a playlist.

Elements of Graphic Motion Design for Animators

Motion Graphic: 

Video advertising is currently giving every marketing campaign a huge increase regardless of the size of the company or product. There is nothing more entertaining than a video if you want to deliver your brand message or marketing presentation. Motion graphics stand out the most, with its structure style, among all the styles in a video animation. This style is an absolute of digital animation that can handle a portrait. Motion graphics are the best type of video.

Here are some significant elements that define the motion graphic designs:

The Essential Creative Arts Expertise: 

For everyone, the artistic profession in motion graphics is possible. If you are a beginner who wants to learn more about motion graphics, the fundamental knowledge of art is the first and only ability you have to acquire. This is the core of every kind of graphic design that one must have striving to become an artist of motion design. Expertise in conventional and representative arts is of vital importance that permits you to be more original.

Motion And Animation Sense: 

While motion graphics are just another type of 2D animation, some images are not just established. Since you have to animate the graphics to build the perfect impact, you should see that how things need to be in motion. Graphic pieces are used to do everything in motion graphics.

Skills In 3D Design And Modelling: 

Motion graphics is primarily a 2D method of video. With the recent technology and transformation in the industry, a motion graphic designer must develop and modify 3D animation skills. These skills will take you to an exceptional rank. If you jump to a 3D domain, then you will have more opportunities for yourself.

Surfacing, Texturing, And Lighting Interpretation: 

Everything in the video is the movement of shapes, texts, images. A motion artist must look at all these things to provide the best video animation services to their clients.

Typography Knowledge: 

A motion graphic design is assembled by the typography. Behind every successful motion graphic animation, typography can be considered as an incentive. These types are videos are generally made for the brand message or product services.


These are some points for the growth of your YouTube channel and some elements discussed for motion graphic design. These points and elements can be count as vital abilities to follow your career in this field. Make your video unique, so that it can shine through the crowd.

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