Stone Bench-Tops – Important Points to Understand Before Selecting

Stone Bench-Tops – Important Points to Understand Before Selecting

Are you renovating your kitchen? Why not consider upgrading the bench-top as well? These are important home improvement accessories. Bench-tops in the kitchen undergo strict testing. You use them for almost everything – chopping to crushing.

Good quality benchtop may highlight the looks of the entire kitchen platform. It is necessary you may wise selections. Why not search for the best tone benchtops in Brisbane options online. You will come across best quality natural stone benchtops for your kitchen.

The selection process is never easy. You may have to compare all the possible options available. The one that you select should blend in best with the cabinets as well.

Natural stone is a popular option

The best thing about natural stone benchtops is that you always have unlimited options. You can select granite, marble, limestone, or quartz. This type of material is more durable. If you are using natural stone, you don’t have to worry about maintenance.

There are many other benefits you get as compared to wooden or steel options.

Less expensive

People select natural stone benchtops because they are less expensive. Wooden may not cost much initially, but it requires a lot of maintenance. You have to keep polishing the wooden bench tops very often.

You end up investing more money in its maintenance. Natural stone of any texture, may not need maintenance after installation. This makes it a less expensive options.

Wide styles

Natural stone may come in different styles and shades. You just have no limitation in the current market. You can select any colour – white to black or grey. You can also combine more than one type of colour to create a unique pattern.

This is a benefit that you may otherwise never get when using wooden benchtops. Wood can only be combined in limited ways.

Easy to wash every day

Having natural stone benchtop in the kitchen also means you can wash it with water every day. This means that the benchtop can be clean. It does not make any difference even if the stone is washed multiple times in a day.

Washing does not force natural stone to lose its natural colour and texture. But wood is not so durable over washing wood with water will force it to lose its natural texture and quality.


Natural stone benchtops have to be installed once in a lifetime. So even if you invest in selecting an expensive stone, it is only once in a lifetime investment. Unlike stone, wood has to be replaced after every few years.

Thus natural stone is more long-lasting as compared to wood or stainless steel. Even glass benchtops are not so durable as compared to natural stone.

You can also install concrete bench tops in case you need something more cost-effective. The black stone is a much cheaper option as well.

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