The Jet System Of Inflatable Hot Tubs Is Entirely Different

The Jet System Of Inflatable Hot Tubs Is Entirely Different

Ever since I joined a gym and tried out their inground spa, I felt that I would never get rid of my sore muscles from working out unless I had a soak in the hot tub. During the pandemic, when the gyms were closed and everything was under lockdown, I found ways to improvise my workout routine. Of course, my home gym cannot compare to the equipment the gym gave me access to, but I think I managed fine. However, I was missing that bubbly soak in hot water to help me keep going the next day. So, I finally gave in and bought myself an intex inflatable hot tub. The first thing I noticed is that although there is a bubble jet system, it isn’t the same as what you’d typically find in an inground hot tub.

Where Bubbles Come From In A Portable Hot Tub

The water was bubbly, but I couldn’t seem to understand where the bubbles were coming from. After all, it didn’t look like there were any jets at all. After some exploration, I found out that the bubbles come from a ring of jets at the bed of the hot tub. This results in bubbly, massaging water all around you. This contrasts with the jets of a traditional hot tub, which are very directed, each line of jets targeting a different muscle group.

How Does This Compare To The Traditional Design

One of the most frustrating things I found about traditional hot tubs is that I rarely found one that was designed for my body size and shape. My height is on the shorter side, and my figure is what most people would call skinny. So I always struggled to direct the jets towards the right areas of my body. Sure, it felt good to get some massaging from the jets on my sore muscles – but I always wished the tub accommodated my body better.

The full body massage that you get from an inflatable hot tub’s jet system is perfect for irregular body shapes. In fact, my taller friends and I would get into the same hot tub and have the exact same experience, because the jets are directed towards your entire body and not a specific muscle group.

Which Is The Better Option?

Despite my initial hesitation to buy one, I must say that I was impressed with the portable hot tub. The jet system isn’t just different, but in my opinion it’s better. I don’t think I’ll ever enjoy an inground hot tub as much as I’ve enjoyed using my inflatable one. If you haven’t tried having a long soak in one, then you’re missing out on a lot. Within 10 or 20 minutes, it feels like every muscle in your body has relaxed and any emotional (or physical) stress you have will begin to wear off. You’ll soon find yourself addicted to using a hot tub, and mind not know how to sleep without soaking in the hot water first.

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