The Sand Pro 240Z – Features, Specifications and Accessories

The Sand Pro 240Z – Features, Specifications and Accessories

Many golf course superintendents trust Toro golf course equipment when it comes to golf course maintenance. The brand makes equipment for the maintenance of all parts of the golf course. The Sand Pro 240Z is one of the most sold Toro golf course equipment. There is no match for this equipment in the marketplace. It provides you with the best maneuverability and productivity with its zero-turn groomer. This daily bunker rake reduces your labor cost. It comes with a patented “lift in turn”. This feature allows you to take tight turns and there will be no tire marks.


The following are the key features of this Toro golf course equipment:

Maneuverability & Productivity

The Sand Pro 240Z with its zero-turn steering can groom bunkers that you cannot groom with mechanical groomers. So, you need less labor and you can groom more bunkers. Your staff can focus on other maintenance duties.

Lift In Turn

It is a patented feature that prevents teardrop formation. This keeps the bunker surface uniform.

Bunker Raking System

The machine comes with an innovative bunker raking system. Three reversible rubber trowels limit the damage to bunker edges and liners.

Fast Transport

The transport speed of 19.3km/h (12mph) makes it faster than other models.

Easy Maintenance

With minimized hydraulic connections and lines, this machine requires less maintenance. You can easily access the parts that require maintenance.

Thumb-Activated Groomer

The machine comes with a thumb switch on the control stick. This switch makes it easy to operate the rear attachment. It has a quick and safe hydraulic lift system.

Reliable Engine

The machine uses an air-cooled, twin cylinder, cylinder Kawasaki® 12.2 hp (9.1 kW) gasoline engine. The Sand Pro 240Z can easily move in and out of bunkers.


Engine 4-cycle, 2 cylinder, gasoline, Kawasaki® 12.2 hp (9.1 kW)
Length 215 cm (84.8 in) with Nail Drag, 226 cm (89 in) with Flex Tooth Rake
Height 185 cm (73 in)
Fuel Capacity 17 L (4.5 gal)
Ground Speed Forward 0-19.3 km/h (0-12 mph), reverse 0-6.4 km/h (0-4 mph)
Weight 439 kg (970 lbs) with Nail Drag, 417 kg (920 lbs) with Flex Tooth Rake
Width 182 cm (71.5 in) with Nail Drag, 213 cm(84 in) with Flex Tooth Rake


You get the following accessories with this Toro golf course equipment:

  • Flex Tooth Rake
  • Light Kit
  • Rake Holder
  • Brush Finishing Kit
  • Mesh Bag Kit
  • Bimini Sunshade
  • Speed Limiter Kit
  • Turf Trac Tire
  • Seat Suspension Kit

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