Things to Know Before Visiting Dubai

Things to Know Before Visiting Dubai

Whenever you are going to visit Dubai, there are certain things you should know about. You must have knowledge about the taste of their food, their laws and principles, rules and regulations, their dressing, changes in weather, and their tourism guidance.

Following are some of the most important things a person should have knowledge about to spend a good quality time in Dubai.

Climate Condition

A person visiting Dubai must know that there are only two seasons there. One is the hot season, and the other is the hotter season. The hotter season was the worst part of the year when the hot and dusty breeze started blowing due to a large desert area.

However, the hot season is somehow cool compared to the hotter season, and people can easily do their outings and tourism in this season. Try to visit Dubai from April to October because the weather is not so hot in these months. It is not wrong to say that these months are the winter season months for the natives.

Know about places to visit

The emirate houses numerous landmarks and places to visit. There’s so much to do here, right from dining in at the highest restaurant in the world or taking part in thrilling activities included in various desert safari offers. Make sure to have a detailed itinerary in advance so that you can enjoy this trip to the fullest.

Book your flight tickets months ago:

Whenever you are supposed to visit Dubai, make sure to book your tickets 2-3 months before. It is because most of the people wanted to visit there in a moderate climate so normally you have to face rush at the last moment. In order to get your seat timely, try to book your seat before months. This is just for the safe side.

Find out the hotel charges:

Google the charges of the hotel where you wish to stay during the whole period of your tour. Also, book your room in advance to keep yourself in a safer position.

Be Careful while clicking photos:

Try to be very careful while clicking the pictures there. Don’t try to get the pictures of women there as most of them would be Muslim women, and you are not allowed to capture pictures with them or snap them in your camera. Also, don’t try to capture the pictures of governmental buildings, airports, flights, etc.

Dress wisely:

When you are going to pack up your bags for the tour, be conservative about your dressing. If you are female, then do not try to reveal yourself as a revealing body; wearing shorter clothes is not allowed there.

Alcohol consumption:

Though Dubai has declared alcohol consumption legal yet none a person is allowed to consume it publicly and not anyone can purchase it for personal use.

Respect Ramazan:

If you are going to visit Dubai in Ramazan, which is the holy month of Muslims, then don’t eat, drink and smoke in public places. Otherwise, you will be fined.


You must know about the transportation services. Some cabs are away too cheap. But do not think they are familiar with every lane of the city. Try to give them the mapping of your desired place or the references of some important landmarks so they can take you to your destination.

Final thoughts:

Dubai offers something for everyone, and it’s easy to understand why it’s so popular with tourists, especially this time of year. Given how dispersed it is and how much there is to do, it is a good idea to do some study ahead of time so you know what you want to do and how to get there.

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