Top 10 Epic Business Event Destinations in UK to Go For

Top 10 Epic Business Event Destinations in UK to Go For

Organizing your next business event in the UK is a critical decision. It is just not as simple as organizing any other event. Business people are different and all those business agendas need to be addressed while selecting your business events destination. Research suggests that event destinations can have a huge impact on the performance and function of business events.

In addition to organizing printed t-shirts for your next business events, you need to select destinations carefully too. Of course, options like iPad Rental and laptop rentals are always available for business events. Double these with attractive appealing event destinations and you have a winning combination. Here are some of the best business event destinations in the UK you should go for:

1: Battersea Power Station on Thames in London

The Battersea Power Station has been standing tall for many decades on the River Thames in London. Also, it has been decommissioned for the past 3 decades as well. However, the station has been remodeled to host events. It is a perfect business meeting and event destination. You have the calmness of an isolated building and the soothing sounds of Thames at all times.

2: The War Rooms in London

The BAE made The War Rooms famous by holding their brand-planning day there. Although The War Rooms are more suited to smaller-sized business events, they do the job great. Especially for businesses with an interest in developing strategy or having a military background, there is probably no better event destination. Business events held there always provide more ideas than anywhere else.

3: Craig Y Nos Castle in Wales

The pride of Wales, Craig Y Nos Castle is a Victorian country house with redeveloped function rooms. It also has great facilities for business conferences and events. The whole setting of the castle is majestic in its own right. Its pricing is reserved for the top tier businesses as well. Scenic views and a calm surrounding make for some of the best business event destinations indeed.

4: The Cambridge University Computer Laboratory

Cambridge University is known around the world for many different reasons. Its education standard aside, the campus also has some of the best computer laboratories in the world as well. It is modern and houses some of the most advanced equipment as well. It provides a great business meetings and events setting making ideas flow correctly. Book a reservation when you have the chance. It is seldom available.

5: Bedfordshire’s Woburn Centre Parcs

The chain of holiday parks, Centre Parcs, that runs across the UK has one in Bedfordshire. Woburn is the most modern out of the many and has undergone a massive £250 million redevelopment. It now has a huge 75-room luxury hotel with 625 self-catering lodges. There is also a train from Central London that reaches in only 50 minutes. All that equates to some of the best business event destinations in UK.

6: The Museums of London

The Science and Natural History Museums in London provide options for corporate meetings and events. You can also organize corporate dinners in the place. There are spectacular spaces available in both the museums. All business sizes can organize their events in these Museums. Breathtaking manmade structures and purpose-built spaces are perfect for any business events.

7: The Beautiful Eden Project of Cornwall

Opened back in 2001, The Eden Project is easily one of the biggest tourist attractions in Cornwall. It has beautiful and attractive biomes that also make for a mesmerizing business event setting. Each of these biomes replicates a different climate and eco-system from around the world. The structure offers unique packages and solutions for business events. It is truly one of the great event destinations in UK.

8: The Lord’s Cricket Ground in London

If you are someone who appreciates classic old-school designs, furniture and aesthetics, you will love the Lord’s ground. Also called the birthplace or home of Cricket, the ground allows its galleries to be used as conference halls. There are media rooms and also a long room. Lots of space with British old century architecture makes it one of the best business event destinations.

9: The Glasgow Conference Center in Scotland

Scotland is beautiful in all its glory. The Glasgow Conference Center is one of the leading architectural attractions in the region. It makes for one of the best exhibition centers and also business event destinations in the UK. Due to the shape of the structure, it is also referred to as the Armadillo by locals. Its location couldn’t be better as well being at the heart of Glasgow in the docklands area.

10: The Sea Life Aquarium in London

Another manmade yet very beautiful business event destination, the Sea Life Aquarium has everything you need. It has got large spaces and very well-furnished event halls. Underwater tunnels and shark walk makes perfect for after-meeting hours. It is certainly one of the best business event destinations in the UK. This one is also right next to the good old Thames River.

How to Make Your Business Events More Productive and Functional

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