Top Three IT Fields You Can Choose as a Career for 2021 & Beyond

Top Three IT Fields You Can Choose as a Career for 2021 & Beyond

2021 and beyond is the ultimate digital era, where everyone will be struggling to create their brand and thrive in the online landscape. As the future is eminently digital, you can look into Online web design courses and offer your expertise to businesses and industries later.

That said, you might want to know which IT fields will do the best jobs later in 2021 and beyond. Read on to learn more about which IT fields will offer you a competitive income and numerous opportunities to make effective use of your learned skills while landing the best job opportunities.

Mobile Application Developer

The future lies in smartphones, especially in the current case scenario with the pandemic rocking the globe. People are forced to stay at their homes and rely on their smartphones and other tech gadgets to connect with the world, family, and friends. That said, the niche of mobile apps is amongst the fastest-growing jobs today. The most renowned platforms of Google and Apple iOS are continuously offering jobs to the most talented mobile app developers in the global market.

It has been speculated that the demand for mobile app developers will be on a steady rise till 2028, whereas the average salary will be about $110 thousand dollars.

Video-Game Designer

The gaming industry is currently on the peak from the last decade, and since the first wave of the pandemic, it has doubled in size as people have more free time at their homes. Many specialists estimate the global market of console games will continue to rise in popularity in the upcoming years.

If you have expertise in graphics and video game designing, the future is brighter than ever before for you. The gaming world has more potential than before and offers countless job opportunities for programmers, video game designers, and graphics artists.

The latest versions of smartphones and tabs have changed the gaming experiences. Hence, game designers with special skills will be specifically sought after in 2021 and beyond. It is also a good idea to gain expert knowledge in the fields of AR (augmented reality), and VR (virtual reality) as these are an integral part of the emerging gaming technologies. As a videogame designer, your average salary can go up to $80 thousand annually.

Computer Systems Analyst

As a computer system analyst, your average salary will range up to $88 thousand. As we are moving in the digital landscape, more and more companies are getting digitized, relying on computer systems, and the integration of cloud computing and other technology to ensure that their business transactions are successful, and all employees remain on the same page during remote working.

It is predicted that more than 40% of businesses will hire IT and computer systems analysts to ensure the safe and smooth running of their digital businesses. The increased demand in IT management and consulting firms provide plenty of job opportunities for computer systems analysts in 2021 and beyond. Also, if you are skilled with things related to IT security, you will find plenty of career growth opportunities in 2021 and beyond.

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